Echevarría and Quirino go with AMLO and distance themselves from their parties

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The governors of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría, and that of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, warn that they will accept the invitation of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador to join their government and distance themselves from their respective political parties.

In separate interviews with THE UNIVERSAL, Echevarría stresses that he owes nothing to the PAN and sends a message to the Blue and White leadership: “When he speaks of treason, it would be imperative that he do so in front of a mirror”, and Ordaz says that the President’s proposal was not an invitation to the party, but to him, and that he is at peace with the PRI “.

While national leaders of the PAN and PRI attacked the governors, López Obrador described as “immoral and unworthy” that the tricolor threatens Ordaz with withdrawing his political rights if you accept the invitation to be ambassador in Spain.

“I don’t owe anything to the PAN, we are close at hand”: Governor of Nayarit

The outgoing governor of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría García, confirms that they will accept the president’s invitation Andrés Manuel López Obrador to join the government of the Quarter Transformation, and remember that he has never been a member of any political party.

He clarifies that he owes nothing to the National Action Party (PAN), since during his administration he honored agreements, and the blue and white He held many spaces, mainly with friends and family, and never put buts on them, so “we are close at hand”, he assures.

In an interview with THE UNIVERSAL, Antonio Echevarría assures that the current national leader of the PAN with a license, Marko Cortés, is upset with him because in the past electoral process he adhered to the law, staying out of the election, and in Nayarit there was a free, clean and peaceful process.

“If he expected me to violate the law to favor his candidates, he was wrong,” he says.

The governor of Nayarit recommended to the national leadership panista to check inside before looking for guilty of their misfortunes elsewhere, because if they do not do so they will be condemned to be a vase of the arona electoral for many years.

He clarifies that he has nothing to save from his government, as some accuse, because he delivers it in harmony, with transparency and with nothing to hide.

In addition, he sends a message to the PAN leader, Marko Cortés: “When he speaks of treason, it would be imperative that he do so in front of a mirror.”

Echevarría García considers President López Obrador as his Leader political, coincides with the transformative causes of the President, and affirms that by supporting the Holder of the Can Executive he does so convinced and with enthusiasm.

Describes that although it bothers many, Mexico suffered from a grave deterioration in all its spheres, a product of excesses, abuse, the corruption and simulation, and “López Obrador, like it or not, today embodies the wishes of a majority fed up with a reality that built the class ruler from the recent past, he did not build it ”.

Why did you walk away from Acción Nacional? Some say he betrayed them …

—No, we must remember that I was nominated in 2017 by a coalition of parties, made up of the PT, the FART, the PAN and the PRS, a party that had a local registry; I mention them in that order because that was the order in which I was nominated: first I was a candidate for the Labor Party and then for the PRD and PAN. Also, I built a citizen platformWell, I have never been a member of any political party, but I understand that as the PAN had a hand in the Nayarit nomination and my mother was a PAN senator at that time, she did, everyone assumes that my membership was also a PAN.

Will you accept the invitation of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

—Yes, since yesterday I made public that I will accept the President’s invitation to contribute in their Causes and the causes of Mexico. It will always be an honor, for a citizen, a businessman from a small place like Nayarit, as a servant, to be contemplated for any task assigned by the President, however modest it may be.

In National Action they consider that it will be another vase in the government of the Fourth Transformation.

—I respect the opinion of whoever points that out, although I know that deep down they would love to be that vase, as they say. I perceive, before any genuine position, a great nostalgia for power, but since the recent National Action privileges the administration of the more for its domes, with patrimonial criteria rather than trying to win the popular will. I would recommend to your leadership that it be reviewed on the inside rather than looking elsewhere to blame for its misfortunes, because otherwise they will be condemned to be a vase of the electoral arena for many years.

Do you consider President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as your political leader?

-If it is. They trained me in an environment of absolute institutional respect, in addition to the fact that I agree with the transformative causes of the President. Let’s start from a reality, even if it bothers us: this country suffered a serious deterioration in all its spheres, product of the excesses, abuse, corruption and simulation; López Obrador, like it or not, today embodies the wishes of a majority fed up with a reality that was built by the ruling class of the recent past, not himself.

He is not a member of Acción Nacional, so he would not have to be held accountable, right?

“I’m neither a militant nor do I owe you anything.” During my government the PAN held many spaces in the Executive power, I asked them for profiles, honoring agreements, and they sent me lists of collaborators, friends and mainly family, and I did not put buts on any of them. So they owe me nothing and I owe them nothing. I still have many friends there, but rationally speaking, we are close at hand.

Marko Cortés accused that the invitation to the 4T evidences electoral complicity and shameful pacts of impunity. Did Antonio Echevarría agree to impunity with President López Obrador?

—The leader Marko Cortés he is upset that I abided by the law, staying out of the choice and allowing my networks of friends to participate where their interests or their conscience dictated.

There were friends who participated in the parties of the coalition led by Brunette and there were those who did not act ugly to go allied with the PRI, and participated in that alliance of the historical parties traditional.

In Nayarit there was a free, clean and peaceful process; if he expected me to violate the law to favor his candidates, then he was wrong.

They say that humiliating himself before the 4T is to save himself and he did not mind betraying the PAN …

—I’m a 48-year-old man, I am already aware of my decisions. My origin is business activity, which has allowed me not to depend on politics to live. I support the President with conviction and also with enthusiasm. I have nothing to save, because my government is delivered in harmony and transparency, with nothing to hide. When Marko Cortés speaks of treason it would be imperative that he do so in front of a mirror.

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By: Horacio Jiménez

“AMLO’s invitation is not to the PRI”: Governor of Sinaloa

The governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, clarifies that the president’s invitation Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to be the next Mexican ambassador to Spain “is an invitation to me” and not to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

He affirms that he maintains a good relationship with the national leader of the tricolor, Alejandro Moreno, denies that there is a breaking off within of the priismo and that by accepting the application to be part of a government of Brunette he is turning his back on his party, with which he says, “he is at peace and grateful.”

By revealing that he already asked the National Political Council for a license to separate from this body, Ordaz Coppel accepts that the statutes of the tricolor say that if he accepts the position without the corresponding permission it would lose its membership.

“They are inviting the person, Quirino Ordaz, due to the characteristics and conditions that the President considered, valued, but it is not the party,” he stresses and rejects that he has betrayed the PRI.

The president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, assures that the National Political Council of the party must determine whether or not to approve its incorporation into a government of a different political party, as in this case Morena. Have you already given authorization?

“No, no, it’s a personal invitation, it wasn’t an invitation to the game.” It is an invitation to me, something that distinguishes the people of Sinaloa a lot. It is a recognition to the Sinaloans, it is a great honor. It is a matter not of colors, not of parties. In my government, whom I have invited has always been based on profiles, talent, ability, experience, and well, one works with people of all colors to give results to the population, which is why we were chosen.

How is your situation within the PRI as a militant and political advisor?

—In the particular case of the party, it has its statutes and you do the license request procedure because you are a political advisor, and that’s what I’m doing. The application has already been sent and delivered, I am attending to what is precisely the statute itself.

If the National Political Council, the PRI does not accept your license and you assume the Mexican embassy in Spain, would you lose your membership?

—That’s what the statutes say, but I already did the corresponding procedure for the statutory part, but the invitation [a ser embajador en España] is personal. They are inviting the person, Quirino Ordaz for the characteristics and conditions that the President considered, valued, but it is not the party. This has nothing to do with games, and my acceptance is personal.

Is there no risk of being expelled from the PRI?

—No, I think it’s very clear what the statutes say, and what the party president says is what the statutes say.

So, is there no betrayal of the party?

“I would not speak of treason; on the contrary, it is a distinction and recognition of the Sinaloans, it is a personal invitation and not to parties. It has nothing to do with colors this.

Should the PRI be flattered that one of its militants is recognized with an embassy?

—I think that at the end of the day the evaluation in my case, because there are the numbers. I will always be grateful to the PRI, which has given me the opportunity to have been their candidate and as governor I have worked for everyone, and the results of my administration are there, and whoever judges and values ​​them is the people of Sinaloa, there are the plays. You will know them by their fruits, so the works are there. I have always been calm and satisfied with the mission accomplished.

Have you spoken with the president of the PRI?

“Yes, we have been in communication.” He is a friend of mine and I have a very good relationship with him.

Did you make him aware of this invitation?

“That is already an internal party question.” In my capacity as governor emanating from a party that nominated you, you are a political advisor. There is a procedure to request a license for this purpose, in the case of the internal life of a party, but the invitation that was made to me is personal.

With Monday’s statement, you give the impression that the president of the PRI is upset with you.

“No, quite the opposite.” The president is a good friend and we have a very good relationship, and I also think that he is simply expressing what the statutes say, that’s all. But he is not expressing anything beyond what the statutes say, and as a party leader he speaks of the requirements that the party establishes in these cases, but simply a license request is made and that’s all, the corresponding procedure is done. But that is independent of the invitation and acceptance that I made of this distinction made by President López Obrador, they are two different things.

When do you expect the National Political Council of the PRI to resolve your license application?

“They have their times.” It is a matter of the internal life of the party. They will have their times and their ways.

How many years have you been a member of the PRI?

I have practically since I was a candidate (2017), because I had previously been a candidate for the acronym of [Partido] Verde [Ecologista para diputado federal.

¿Con el PRI como partido cuál es su relación? ¿Hay pleito o distanciamiento?

—No hombre, para nada, de ninguna manera, para nada, al contrario. Hay muy buena relación y coordinación, pero también hay que ver que también es parte de la pluralidad que tiene adentro, no sólo en la sociedad, un partido tiene muchas expresiones. Eso es lo que hay que ver, en un partido siempre habrá muchas expresiones. Es parte de la vida que tenemos y que enfrentamos y que vivimos. Si en una familia cada quien piensa distinto, con mayor razón en una sociedad, en una organización, en un partido, en un gobierno.

Entonces, ¿con el PRI todo en paz?

—Con el partido siempre he estado agradecido por la oportunidad que me dio para ser su candidato, y los resultados de mi gestión ahí están, y quien los juzga y valora es el pueblo sinaloense. Por sus frutos los conoceréis, así es que ahí están las obras.

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Por: Víctor Gamboa Arzola

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