Easy to get cosmetic surgery in the midst of a pandemic

Easy to get cosmetic surgery in the midst of a pandemic

While the province’s health system is under great pressure, the load shedding has begun and some cancers are no longer even operated on, cosmetic surgeries seem to continue in the private sector as if there was no pandemic.

It is the team of Quebec solidaire of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who brought to light this situation on social networks.

“My team managed to get an appointment next Wednesday at a private clinic to have me do a Brazilian butt augmentation for $ 7,500 plus tax. You read correctly. While in our public hospitals crucial care is relieved, wealthy people can get an appointment in 5 minutes for surgery not essential to the private sector. The solidarity team called in several clinics and everywhere, we were offered quick appointments, for interventions which, in the public, are relieved until a long time ago ”, denounced the co-spokesperson for QS .

He believes that not only the private sector should do its part to support the public network and the population in these difficult times, but that the government should requisition resources from the private sector to fight the pandemic.

In an interview on LCN, he also referred to the “Intensive Care Prioritization Protocol”, a document which establishes which patient will be treated as a priority in the event of complete congestion in hospitals.

“While the public is considering making these choices, it is possible for the private sector to obtain appointments for cosmetic surgeries, but also for other surgical procedures which are not priority which are relieved to the public” , raised Nadeau-Dubois.

Québec solidaire believes that private clinics should be integrated into the public network as a matter of urgency.

“Why? So that the staff, the material, the spaces, that all the resources that are wasted on non-priority interventions are put to support our collective effort in the pandemic, ”he said.

“The government must put them in line and at the service of our fight against the pandemic”.

The Quebec government is already calling on the private sector, but at a very high price.

“The government signs over-the-counter contracts, negotiates with private clinics who are willing, contracts to send certain surgeries to the private sector, with a profit margin in passing. We are in a pandemic, at war against the virus. Quebec society is making a war effort at the moment. It shouldn’t be optional to help the war effort if you own a private clinic. It should be mandatory, ”he said.

He considers that even in normal times, the two-tier healthcare network has no purpose. In times of pandemic, even less.


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