Duvernay-Tardif wants to come back to the game

Duvernay-Tardif wants to come back to the game

After giving up this season in the NFL to get involved in the fight against COVID-19, Quebecer Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has confirmed his intention to return to the game next fall.

In a video released earlier this week by NBC Sports, the Kansas City Chiefs guard praised the effort behind the development of COVID-19 vaccines before announcing his plans for the next campaign.

“Right before we won Super Bowl LIV, I was asked what I think about COVID-19. I told the reporter that I hadn’t thought much about it since I was just focusing on the big game and the victory, ”said the athlete from Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

“The world has changed so much since then. I gave up the 2020 season to help on the front lines in Quebec and to put my MD to good use by working in a long-term care center. ”

“Even though I’m not on the pitch, it’s a great joy to watch everyone play every week. Now it’s the first playoff round, and the vaccine is on its way, not just in the United States, but in Canada as well. I thank FedEx and the others who transport vaccines to our communities so that as many people as possible can be vaccinated. ”

“This is truly heroic and I want to express my gratitude to everyone who made this vaccine possible and who worked on the front lines. I can’t wait to have more football and get back on the pitch next season. Stay safe and Go Chiefs. ”

Duvernay-Tardif was the first NFL player to announce that he was retiring from the 2020 season. His work on the front line earned him the title of one of the athletes of the year by Sports magazine. Illustrated. He was also a co-recipient of the Lou Marsh Trophy, awarded to the best Canadian athlete.

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