During the restoration of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg discovered the silk panels of the XIX century

In the process of conducting restoration work in the house of Yusupov in Saint-Petersburg have discovered panels of silk Dating from the XIX century. This was stated by the representatives of the Committee.

При реставрации дворца Юсуповых в Петербурге обнаружили шелковое панно XIX века

Experts have identified rare under canvas in Porcelain boudoir separate part of the printed edition of 1895 edition. The experts noted that the newspaper was intended for the procedure of stabilization of the wooden materials of which were manufactured panels. In the Committee shared his opinion that the silk panels were dried, it contains different kinds of pollution, including surface. There are traces of various injuries, which essentially ruined the original form of the valuable material. In order not to cause new damage to this discovery, conservators at present, clean it from the glue using a scalpel and tweezers. Further, the object is to be transferred to one of the museums. Toilet the audience of contractors resulted in the order of PI using elements in the style of French kings of Bourbon. The interior included a ceiling with mirrors, stucco finish walls and ceiling, and carved fragments of wood.

In the Northern capital of Russian experts are modernizing the interior of the Palace of the Yusupov princes. In various rooms of the house are carried out repair work, the cost of which is 128 million rubles. On this project employees have of the organization “Restorer”.

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