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Durandal: this legendary sword is stolen, an investigation opened

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

If you hear about legendary sword, chances are you'll think of it. Excalibur, having belonged to King Arthur. Thank you Kaamelott. But it isDurandal that interests us today, because thismythical sword, planted in a rock in the city of The medieval castle of Rocamadour has apparently been volée.

Durandal: this legendary sword is stolen, an investigation open you

a legendary sword mysteriously disappears

There have been many mysterious disappearances throughout History. Recently, we devoted our attention to an article about the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.Disappearing many years ago without leaving a trace, this one was never seen again. found, while carrying 239 passengers to its edge. Recently, a new avenue has emerged: and could help find the wreck.

But the disappearance which interests us today concerns a much smaller object, know the legendary sword Durandal.According to legend, it would have belonged to the knight Roland, who probably existed. However, history of his sword is a myth.Durandal would have belonged to Charlemagne then at Roland, who would have shed his weight of his weapon by swinging it in the air following a blow. an ambush. As if by magic, she would have traveled hundreds of kilometers and it would have crashed. the famous rock of Notre-Dame de Rocamadour.But now, it is no longer there, because it seems to have been destroyed. stolen.

Durandal: this legendary sword is stolen, an investigation open

the alleged theft of durandal

It was during the night of June 21 to 22 that the Durandal sword apparently disappeared, but the information was never confirmed. made public only this Monday, July 1st. And there is reason to be surprised, sincethe mythical weapon was embedded in the rock, around ten meters above the ground. an investigation was carried out opened. Unsurprisingly, it is the theft trail that is favored.The thief (or thieves?) probably passed through the area. through the roof of the adjacent chapel. From there, Durandal is just a few steps away. a small meter away.

Durandal: this legendary sword is stolen, an open investigation

The thieves, if they There were several of them, and they were very well organized: climbing onto the roof of a chapel, cutting the chain at the bottom of the window, to which the sword was attached, and tearing it from the rock was not difficult. be simple.For the moment, the police do not seem to have any leads to find the individuals responsible for this tragic disappearance:“It’s the emblem of the city, it has always been there”, deplores mayor Dominique Lenfant (via 20 Minutes). Be careful if you buy a sword on Leboncoin in the coming weeks.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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