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Dungeons & Dragons: Occultist 2024 revealed, Warlock players will be amazed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

It's difficult to enjoy role-playing without having experienced the role-playing game. through the Dungeons and Dragons box, at least for one evening. A game in constant evolution and with infinite possibilities, the games of which can last a few minutes or never end. And in 2024, Dungeons and Dragons changes. To share the news that hits its different classes, videos are shared on the official YouTube channel. After the warrior, it's time for the new Occultist.

Dungeons &amp Dragons: The Occultist of 2024 revealed, Warlock players will hallucinate

the occultist of 2024

With its Player's Handbook 2024, Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of the role-playing game, is evolving its goose that lays the golden eggs. Additions but above all modifications, enough to bring a breath of fresh air to the paper role-playing game. And while many players have been devouring these new features for several days, focus on the changes made to the game. the Occultist, better known as Warlock. According to DND Beyond data based on over 180 million characters, the Occultist is none other than the sixth most popular class among players.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Occultist 2024 Revealed, Warlock Players Will Be Awestruck

Reigning far ahead of the usual trio of leaders: warrior, rogue and barbarian. And on the official D&D YouTube channel, changes to the Warrior, Paladin, Barbarian, and Rogue have been updated. presented in more detail. Latest video? The one about the occultist, a class very appreciated by players. While Druid fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Wizards' next video, focus on the changes made to the game. the occultist.

< p>With its modifications, Wizards seeks to make the occultist more versatile.Its four subclasses also benefit from significant improvements, to give it more options. For starters, the occultist's spell list is increased. His spell slots remain limited, but the occultist will have more options, especially at higher levels. high level.

The low-level occultist can smile, Occult Manifestations is now accessible at level 1. And as the levels progress, the invocations diversify. On the side pacts, the latter are now considered occult manifestations. In addition, the Chain Pact offers additional pets including a skeleton or a sphinx. 

Dungeons & Dragons: The Occultist 2024 revealed, Warlock players will hallucinate

With the new player's manual, the bosses change.The Archive offers access to foggy walk the Fiend grants to the occultist of temporary points. Special mention for the Great Elder who was deeply reworked for the occasion. Welcome changes, in the vain of what has been proposed for other classes.

In 2024, the occultist therefore becomes a class with more options, which therefore makes itself a little more useful in various situations. The changes seem to be well received by players if the first feedback is to be believed. Rest at know what the general public will think once these new rules are deployed.

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