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Dungeons and Dragons: this bad news will disappoint fans of the film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

One ​​of the great surprises of the year 2023, the filmDungeons and Dragons: Thieves' Honor has brought joy to many fans of fantasy and role-playing games. Unfortunately, this happiness is tainted by by this announcement from Paramount+ which is disappointing to say the least. We tell you everything!

Dungeons and Dragons: this bad news is going to happen! to meet the fans of the film

Paramount makes this catastrophic decision

Whilefantasy seems never to have been released also popular, fans of the genre are nevertheless increasingly demanding regarding the quality of the works offered. To be convinced, you only need to see the reception reserved for the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video), Willow (Disney+) or The Witcher (Netflix). If fantasy succeeds in could easily be translated into television series, despite the fact that a few failures, she seems to have more difficulty with cinema.No doubt because the specter of the incredible trilogy The Lord of the Ringsby Peter Jackson floats over- above all minds.

Dungeons and Dragons: this bad news is going to ;receive fans of the film

In 2023,Paramount's attempt to adapt the legendary role-playing gameDungeons and Dragonshas been released a real failure from a box office point of view, despite the fact that very enthusiastic reviews from some of the press and spectators who discovered it at the cinema. Blending effectively with humor and adventure film,Dungeons and Dragons: Thieves' Honoris an effective tribute to; the world of role-playing games, in which Frédéric Molas and Sébastien Rassiat from Joueur du Grenier lend their voices. 

Dungeons and Dragons: this bad news will disappoint fans of the film

Ahead of the release of the film, Paramount had announced the start of work on a Dungeons and Dragons series on its platform, Paramount+. It would seem, however, thatthe disastrous failure of the film, which did not succeed in achieving its goals. to repay itself(with 208 million dollars at the box office for a budget of 150 million),dissuaded; the American major to continue its series project. Very bad news for fans who were impatiently waiting to discover it. 

Because we don't want to end with a disappointment, let's remember that this immense gift awaits fans of French fantasy.

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