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Dune 3: excellent news for fans of the Denis Villeneuve saga

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

After the success of Dune 2 which seduced both Frank Herbert's son and film critics through the public, Legenray quite naturally made it official; the continuation of Denis Villeneuve's saga with Messiah. And good news for fans, this new opus could well be released sooner than expected.

Dune 3: excellent news for fans of the saga of Denis Villeneuve

Warner formalizes the release of Dune 3

We won't surprise you by saying that Dune 2worn &àgrave; the screen by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya was released a real success at the box office. With a production budget of 190 million dollars, he reaped more than 700 million greenbacks on a global scale. It is therefore logical that Legendary has decided to to officially announce the start of work on a sequel to; the saga of Denis Villeneuve by adapting Messiah of Dune, the second volume of the science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert.

Dune 3: excellent news for fans of Denis' saga Villeneuve

Publié In 1969, the novel portrays Paul Atréides as a true despot. Became Emperor Muad'Dib at the outcome of a holy war which lasted twelve years old, he is almost like a god. And for good reason: he is able to see the future and therefore anticipate possible attacks from enemies. But aware that possible futures lead to disaster, he is haunted by by the vision of his own death.

Dune 3: excellent news for fans of the Denis Villeneuve saga

< p>Thus, Warner already had announced the development of this adaptation but had not specified exit window. It seems that the studio has finally made a decision and this one may please fans: which seems to be Dune 3could well be released sooner than expected.

Dune 3 in direct competition with Star Wars: New Jedi Order

Indeed, according to the latest information , the studio announced this Friday that the next event film by Denis Villeneuve will be released in American theaters on December 18, 2026. Speaking of an event film without specifying the title but stating that the project will be produced by Legendary Pictures, there is much to be said for it. bet it's Dune 3.

Dune 3: excellent news for fans of the Denis Villeneuve saga

Although the Canadian director had first announced to distance itself from the franchise, American media like The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline have affirmed that Denis Villeneuve would have changed of opinion and would be ready to return behind the camera for this new opus. In addition, he would already collaborate with with Legendary on the scenario of Dune 3. Note that the filmmaker does not only have Dune as a project. He must also adapt the book Nuclear War: A Scenario by Annie Jacobsen, still for Legendary.

Remember that if the date is made official, the e by Warner corresponds well to; the release of Dune 3, then this new part of the saga would find itself in direct competition with the future Star Wars film expected at the end of the year. the same date. Rest at to see if Disney will confirm if it is Star Wars: New Jedi Order with Daisy Ridley.

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