Duda invited Zelensky to hold a modern “Pereyaslav Rada”

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Duda invited Zelensky to hold a modern Pereyaslav Rada

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Andrzej Duda suggested that Vladimir Zelensky hold peace talks with the Russians after Ukraine's victory in Pereyaslav by signing the act of surrender of Russian troops.

“Recently, I told President Zelensky: Vladimir, given our history, the way these paths once parted, I ask you, as soon as you defeat Russia, when the Russians come here on their knees to sign peace, take them to Pereyaslav. Let them sign peace with you there. Let this cross out all the years of Soviet and Russian influence, and that captivity from tsarist times to recent times, from which you are now again defending yourself, – said Duda.

At the same time, he noted that his country and others “would like to be able to live in peace with the Russians, to develop freely, to be able to trade, to build life and wealth together,” but this is “impossible, because they attack, rob , kill, want to take away freedom» .

In addition, the Polish president expressed confidence that Ukraine would win the war, in particular thanks to international support, and noted that today Ukrainians are defending themselves with “great courage and incredible determination.”

“I believe that we will build our prosperity together here in our part of Europe as three fraternal peoples, together and with our common neighbors – Lithuanians, and with your neighbors – Estonians, as well as our friends. That here together we will be a monolith of countries that perfectly understand, know their history, are friends, trade with each other, do business, support each other, – noticed Duda.

Historical reference

Back in 1654, Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky and other Cossack foremen held the so-called Pereyaslav Rada in Pereyaslav. It is believed that the leadership of the Hetmanate swore allegiance to the Moscow Tsar, after which part of the Hetmanate came under the protectorate of the Russian Empire.

The Empire guaranteed the preservation of the state rights of the Hetmanate, but repeatedly violated its own promise. After some time, the broad autonomy of the Ukrainian lands and Zaporozhye was destroyed, which led to the liquidation of the Zaporizhzhya Sich and the consolidation of the Ukrainians.

After more than three and a half centuries, these events are being manipulated in the Russian Federation and they like to celebrate the anniversary of the Pereyaslav Rada on a grand scale.< /p>

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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