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Dubé determined to push through his reform by Christmas

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Christian Dubé wants to have his bill on reform of the public health system adopted before the holiday break.

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The Quebec Minister of Health , Christan Dubé, calls on opposition parties to work with the government to pass Bill 15 by the end of the parliamentary session, which should theoretically end on Friday, December 8.

In the press scrum on Tuesday, Mr. Dubé showed himself determined to push through his health system reform before Christmas. However, there are only 60 hours of studies planned in committee between now and the end of the session, and several hundred articles have not yet been debated.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The Minister of Health therefore invites the oppositions, who have collaborated very well so far, to move up a gear. I think we have resolved most of the major issues, he said on Tuesday. We've been working on this for six months.

According to him, there are only two important aspects of the bill remaining to be studied carefully, namely those concerning medical specialists and union governance. The other articles would mainly be concordance articles aimed at preventing the legislative document from contradicting other laws.

To achieve its ends, Mr. Dubé presented on Tuesday a game plan for the next three weeks, which provides for a “block” analysis of the articles on which the members of the commission have not yet looked. According to him, this timetable is realistic and will be sufficient to pass his reform.

Minister Dubé's bill: midwives' fears. BROADCAST HERE FIRST. All terrain.

Minister Dubé's bill: midwives' fears


Listen to the audio (Minister Dubé's bill: midwives' fears. 14 minutes 14 seconds)

Finish studying the project of law 15 in 60 hours, we are capable of doing that, said Minister Dubé with optimism on Tuesday. However, he refused to say whether his government would be prepared to use a gag order, if it were wrong.

Since the text was tabled in the National Assembly in March, no less than 180 hours have been devoted to this file in committee, he underlined. One hundred and eighty hours for a bill is enormous.

Questioned on the subject, opposition representatives estimated Tuesday that it would be difficult to complete the study of the legislative document in the allotted time. After all, half of the largest bill in Quebec history has not yet been analyzed, noted liberal André Fortin.

Solidarity deputy Guillaume Cliche-Rivard – who took over from Vincent Marissal in this matter – admitted for his part that he would not be able to read 400 articles in a week as planned by the Minister’s “game plan”. According to him, this schedule is simply not realistic.

Bill 15 has over 1000 articles. It provides in particular for the creation of an agency called “Santé Québec” which would be entrusted with the management of the operations of the public network to allow the ministry to concentrate on its main orientations.

The text, however, generates its share of opposition, notably from six former prime ministers, who fear for the capacity of the foundations of certain establishments to continue to operate. raise philanthropic donations.

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