DT del Torino made a claim for the signings and had a fight with the Sports Director | VIDEO

DT del Torino made a claim for the signings and had a fight with the Sports Director | VIDEO

Torino continues with its pre-season, but things have not been very smooth at the training venue: Ivan Jurić, manager of the club, had a fight with Davide Vagnati, sporting director.

Torino's DT complained about the transfers and had a fight with the Sporting Director | VIDEO

Ivan Jurić, Torino's DT, had a fight with Davide Vagnati , sports director.

Torino's pre-season is still underway and the players push themselves to the max before the start of the official competition. However, things have not been very calm at the club in recent days, as a fight between Ivan Jurić, the team's coach, and Davide Vagnati, Sporting Director, went viral.

Through Twitter, the Calcio Mercato portal published a video with the aforementioned protagonists at the institution's internship headquarters. In the images it was possible to observe how the two members of the Italian team begin to argue angrily, while Marco Pellegri, Team manager, tried to calm them down.

Precisely, the third man in question was key in preventing Ivan Jurić and Davide Vagnati from exchanging blows: he got between them and separated them. As it was known, the lawsuit arose because the coach had a direct conversation with the president of Torino regarding the reinforcements and that bothered the sports director.

After their surprise fight, the manager was interviewed by Sky Sport and revealed that the matter had been cleared up: “There was a discussion, as you have seen. When two people care so much about doing things right, these situations occur. The professor asked for new players as soon as possible, we understand his concern and we will sign what he needs ”.

“After what happened, we hugged. The fight is over, we already told each other what we had to say. We are two real people, who express what they think. There are great objectives and fights like this can be started again. We have a great coach”, concluded Davide Vagnati about Jurić.

How was Torino last season?

Torino had an irregular participation in Serie A 2021-22 and was in the tenth box, with 50 points, product of 13 wins, 11 draws and 14 losses. One of the main problems of the team was the offense, given that they only managed 46 goals, being the seventh with the worst average. Precisely, Andrea Belotti was the top scorer, with eight goals, but he will not continue in the club.