Drugs for Alzheimer’s disease will begin to treat blockage of blood vessels in diabetes and obesity

Future drugs for Alzheimer’s disease can start to treat blockage of blood vessels in obesity and type II diabetes. Existing drugs have not yet shown any result, patients with these pathologies.

Препаратами от болезни Альцгеймера начнут лечить закупорку сосудов при диабете и ожирении

An embolism is a frequent problem among people with type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. The consequences of this pathology is serious: a heart attack or stroke. Only in recent studies, scientists were able to describe the mechanism that triggers changes in the blood vessels. They appear with increased production of the enzyme BACE1, which is responsible for the creation of protein beta-amyloid. The latter in turn is associated with endothelial damage, which leads to disruption of the normal functioning of the blood vessels and causes atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Scientists for 8 years studied the effect of the experimental substances M-3, which should neutralize the effect of BACE1 on animals. According to the findings, early abnormal biological processes closely associated with Alzheimer’s disease, may be responsible for vascular disease and hypertension in people with obesity and diabetes. In the theory of medicine for the treatment of senile dementia should help with this problem, but the drugs presented on the shelves of pharmacies today, did not show significant results.

Previously, physicians from the University of Kentucky in the US found in the plaques of patients with Alzheimer’s disease atypical proteins.

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