Drugged cigarettes for torture;  Defendants caught in the middle of the night in the woods |  Kozhikode Gang-rape |  Kozhikode Gang-rape Arrest |  Drugs |  Kerala Police

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Kozhikode: A woman who came to Kozhikode from Kollam to meet her friend was gang-raped in a hotel room on Wednesday night, September 8. All the four accused in the case were arrested by the police before midnight on Friday.

Police arrested the suspects within 48 hours after they left a woman unconscious in a hospital after being tortured with alcohol and drugs. How did the police catch the culprits within 48 hours of the incident? What happened in that controversial case in Kerala?

Tiktok Friendship brought to Kozhikode

KM Ajnas (36), a native of Atholi, met a woman from Kollam who works in a massage parlor in Chennai through a tick talk two years ago. The two later became close by sending a message via Instagram. Ajnas, who is divorced and a mother of two, arrived in Kozhikode by train on Wednesday, September 8, at her invitation. Ajnas and his friend NP met the girl at the railway station. Fahad (36) was taken to the hotel in Chevarambalam by car. Built on the model of an apartment, the building will be taken over by online room booking groups and run as a hotel. Ajnas had booked a room here.

2 accused in the hotel before the woman arrived

Ajnas’ friends Shuhaib (39) and Lijas (34) had arrived at the hotel in Chevarambalam before Ajnas and Fahad arrived with the girl in the evening. They took the room opposite the room booked by Ajnas. In the evening, Ajnas and Fahad arrived at the hotel with the girl. When Ajnas and the young woman entered the room, Fahad left as if he was going back and after a while he went to his friends’ room opposite. At nine o’clock in the morning, Ajnas left the room, telling her that he needed to go home. According to police, Fahad, Shuhaib and Lijas then entered the woman’s room and molested her.

What happened was brutal

According to the woman, she was brutally tortured by three people. He became semi-conscious after drinking beer and smoking a drugged cigarette. He was taken to the roof top of the building, tortured and photographed nude. Police say there were only two people in the hotel that night. The caretaker, who lives in a nearby house, went home at night.

When the accused Shuhaib and Lijas were brought for evidence. Picture: Manorama

Police say there are no people in the rooms here on normal nights. Those who take rooms in the morning usually leave the room in the evening. Locals also complained that anti-social activities were taking place at the hotel. A nearby resident told police that he heard the woman crying from the hotel at night but did not care because such incidents had happened before.

The accused were rushed to the hospital and drowned

The young woman suffered from shortness of breath several times during the brutal torture. The young woman was in a semi-conscious state when beer and drugs came inside. The condition worsened with shortness of breath. Panicked defendants rushed the woman to a private hospital in the city, where she escaped. The woman shared the details of the brutal torture with the doctor who came to examine her. Hospital officials reported the information to police Thursday morning. Chevayur police reached the hospital on Thursday morning and sought information from the woman. The young woman, who was not freed from the impact of the brutal torture, refused to file a complaint in the first instance. Later, when the women officials came and gave her courage, the woman gave a detailed statement.

Two persons were caught in a net spread by the police

Police got Ajnas’ number from the woman’s phone and called Ajnas. The woman told Ajnas that she had no complaint but that the problem could be solved without a case if the footage recorded on her mobile phone was destroyed in the presence of the police. Believing this, Ajnas and Fahad arrived at the hospital on Thursday night. Police took the two into custody at the hospital. The arrest was recorded the next morning.

Drugged cigarettes for torture;  Defendants caught in the middle of the night in the woods |  Kozhikode Gang-rape |  Kozhikode Gang-rape Arrest |  Drugs |  Kerala Police

Ajnas, Fahad.

Co-defendants Shuhaib and Lijas switched off their mobile phones and drowned when friends learned of their arrest. The police went home in search of them but found a small tip; Before going into hiding, they approached a friend asking for money. Police found the friend. They both said that there was a problem and that they needed some money to stay away from the country for the time being. But then the friend told the police that he could not pay and that he had been assured that it would be organized from somewhere. They called again for this but it was from another number. The police investigation later focused on this number.

The net broke in the woods

The cyber cell informed that the mobile phone used by the accused was in the Kakkayam forest area. The seven-member team led by Assistant Commissioner K Sudarshan returned to Kakkayam forest area. During the investigation conducted in Thalayad area, it was learned that two persons who were not known to the locals had gone to the forest on a bike at night. Police also learned from locals that a house abandoned by its owners due to wildlife disturbance was in the forest.

Drugged cigarettes for torture;  Defendants caught in the middle of the night in the woods |  Kozhikode Gang-rape |  Kozhikode Gang-rape Arrest |  Drugs |  Kerala Police

Symbolic image.

The way the vehicle does not go. The police team found the house in the middle of the night in the light of a mobile phone. The light of the mobile torch inside. With that, the police confirmed that there was a person inside. There was a knock on the door but no response from inside. After circling the house, the police entered by stepping on the back door, but the accused who attacked the police ran out. Police arrested the two accused at the end of a race in the jungle.

All the culprits in the massacre that took place on Wednesday night were thus arrested by the police around midnight on Friday. Chevayur Inspector P in the investigation team led by Assistant Commissioner K Sudarshan. Chandramohan, SIs Shaan and Abhijit and Dansaf members K.A. Jomon, M. Saji, Crime Squad members Shafi Parambath, A. Prashant Kumar and Sumesh Aroli were also present. The woman was discharged from the hospital on Saturday after two days of treatment

English Summary: How Police Trapped 4 Culprits of Kozhikode Gang-rape Case within 48 Hours?

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