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Drug dealers in Nimechchyna no longer withdraw their billions of euros

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Drug dealers in Germany no longer withdraw their billions of euros

Prosecutor's Office in Germany Whom did Dusseldorf vote about the crime? a record-breaking shipment of cocaine worth 2.6 billion euros and the arrest of seven people suspected of drug smuggling, informs AP

As Düsseldorf law enforcement officials said, the operation began just last year after the demise of the rule of Colombia.

The result was 35.5 metric tons of cocaine, of which 25 tons – at the port of Hamburg, another 8 tons – at the Dutch port of Rotterdam and about 3 tons – in Colombia. The drugs were found in container ships containing vegetables and fruits.

The investigation established that drug smuggling was carried out from the land of Pivnichny Rhine-Westphalia, for which 100 offshore companies were created.

Suspicious – age 30 to 54 years – were arrested for the duration of the remaining years. Among them – communities of Nimechchina, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Morocco, Turkey and Ukraine. Their names will not be released.

"Zokrema, suspected of organizing the transportation of 10 sea containers with a large amount of cocaine from Latin America to Europe during the winter June 2023 together with other as yet unknown companions, such as , most likely, reside in Turechchyna, through front companies created for this purpose,” – reported the Dusseldorf prosecutor's office.

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Natasha Kumar

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