Drought in Europe could be worst in 500 years

Drought in Europe could be worst in 500 years

An unprecedented drought has covered almost half of the European continent, causing rivers to dry up, large-scale forest fires, and causing significant environmental and economic damage.

Europe's drought could be worst in 500 years

Experts predict that this year's drought could be the worst on the European continent in 500 years.

AP reports this.

The reason for the drought was the almost complete absence of significant precipitation in Western, Central and Southern Europe over the past two months. According to experts, the dry period will continue further.

Due to the drought, some European countries have introduced restrictions on the use of water, and navigation on the Rhine and Danube has been threatened. In the coming days, the water level in the Rhine may reach critically low levels, which will make it difficult to transport goods, in particular coal and gasoline.

The Po, Italy's longest river, is so low that barges and boats that sank decades ago are resurfacing. Many rivers in France and Spain have dried up completely. The drought also affected the south of England, where only 10% of the average monthly rainfall fell in July. British firefighters are battling an unprecedented number of grass fires, and large-scale forest fires continue in France.

< p>This week, the European Commission's Joint Research Center warned that the situation will worsen in the coming weeks, with drought potentially hitting 47% of the continent.

According to Andrea Toreti, senior scientist at the European Drought Observatory, the 2018 drought was the worst ever in Europe over the past 500 years, but this year's drought will surpass it. In his opinion, there is a high risk that the dry period in Central and Western Europe, as well as in the UK, will last for the next three months.