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Lower the shots to opening of lobster fishing in zone 34

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Pubnico fishermen sort lobsters.< /p>Radio-Canada

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The lobster fishing season in Area 34 started a week later than planned due to bad weather. Although the sea has calmed down, the catches are not there according to fishermen from Pubnico and Methegan.

Fishing is down, it's not as good as other years, notes Graham Deon, captain of the boat Samanta Dawn, who has been fishing for 43 years. We expect 25 to 50% fewer catches, all districts are down.

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Aldric d'Entremont is captain of the lobster boat Miss Marley.

Same observation from Aldric D'Entremont who also got into lobster fishing more than 40 years ago.

I did our job and I try to be happy with what I took, he said. It was like last year, not great, even a bit less than last year.

That's one way of a downer, but a fisherman is never happy anyhow. p>A quote from Aldric D'Entremont, Lobster Fisherman

At the Methegan wharf, lobster fishermen like Roger Leblanc have also noted the decrease in catches in the last two years.

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It's not looking good for District 34 this year, confides Roger Leblanc. in expectations less, but not 50%.

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Lobster landing in Pubnico.

At the Coop de Punico, we also confirm the trend.

Last year was not a good year and this year it's almost the same, notes Clark D'Eon who takes care of purchasing lobsters for the Coop. .

It discourages fishermen, he says.

Less than lobster bought it's less money, less work and less for everyone.

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Clark D'Eon is a lobster buyer for the Pubnico Coop.

If you don't have fishing in Pubnico, you're not going to have anything at all. It’s fishing that keeps the world of Pubnico alive!

A quote from Clark D'Eon

The inflation of recent years combined with the reduction in catches does nothing to boost morale.

Aldric D'Entremont notes that these fishing expenses, including the price of diesel for his boat, have increased significantly. It's a lot more expensive, he said. Since Covid, everything is expensive!

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Graham D'Eon, captain of the Samatha Dawn, in Pubnico.

Graham D'Eon also notes the increase in expenses which is eating into his profits.

It's expensive, he says, referring to everything that #x27;he has to pay: the boat, the traps, the fuel and the labor. The last two, three, four years, it's been going up, it's a big change.

The only good news for the 979 permit holders of zone 34 is that the price may increase a little compared to last year.

The price looks like it's going to be pretty good, remarks Aldric D'Entremont. It will be better than last year. For him a good price is around $9 per pound whereas last year he received between $6.50 and $7 per pound.

With information from Héloïse Rodriguez-Qizilbash and the show Le Réveil NS and T.-N.-L.

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