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Drones, planes, air defense: how Ukraine will strengthen its army after the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Drones, planes, anti-aircraft defense: how Ukraine will strengthen its army after the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition

Ukrainian developers were able to surprise foreigners with their newest equipment, in which they embodied the experience of war. At the same time, foreign companies presented their own technologies that will be useful to the Armed Forces.

Ukraine received many new opportunities thanks to the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, which took place from June 17 to 21 in Paris. Details about new developments and agreements of Focus  said Denys Sviatokum, co-founder and executive director of the public union “Defense Alliance of Ukraine”, which is engaged in the development of the domestic defense-industrial complex.

How Eurosatory 2024 is useful for Ukraine during the war

The exhibition provided Ukraine with numerous opportunities to strengthen its defense capabilities during the war. One of the most important events was the signing of seven agreements between the Ukrainian concern “Ukroboronprom” and French defense companies. Among them — Thales, Hexadrone, Exail Technologies and Arquus, which will ensure the joint production of drones, the modernization of armored vehicles, as well as the improvement of Ukrainian radars.

“We, as the Defense Alliance of Ukraine, helped our 7 participants, visitors to the exhibition , with communications with international companies regarding cooperation. Also, the Alliance conducted communications with 5 defense associations of other countries on interaction and cooperation,” — Denys Sviatokum reported.

What Ukraine will get after Eurosatory 2024

The French company KNDS presented at the exhibition its OSKAR kamikaze drones, developed as part of the Colibri project, which it has already promised to hand over to the Ukrainian army. Other participants of the exhibition also expressed a desire to sell or transfer military equipment to Ukraine.

Sweden announced the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine in the amount of 1.3 billion dollars. The package includes ASC-890 radar detection aircraft, medium-range air-to-air missile RB-99-AMRAAM, PBV 302 armored personnel carriers, spare parts, ammunition and maintenance equipment.

The United States agreed to sell military equipment worth $138 million to Ukraine for the repair and modernization of Hawk missile systems. The equipment will help increase the effectiveness of Ukraine's air defense.

“These agreements and presentations testify to the growth of international support for Ukraine in strengthening its defense capabilities and modernizing military equipment during the war,” — says the executive director of “Defense Alliance”.

What technologies would be useful for Ukraine in war conditions

At the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, many technologies and products were presented that can further strengthen the Defense Forces of Ukraine and help them defeat the invaders faster. The “Defense Alliance” highlighted several of them.

Radar and fire control systems

For example, the ASC-890 aircraft represented by Sweden allow detection and tracking of various types of threats, including drones, airplanes and rockets. Similar technologies could increase Ukraine's ability to detect and neutralize long-range targets.

Panther KF51-U

Rheinmetall introduced a new Panther KF51-U tank with an unmanned turret, which could be useful for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as its features include modern fire control systems and a high level of protection.

What Ukraine is already using


Some of the foreign technologies presented at Eurosatory 2024 are already being used by the Defense Forces of Ukraine against invaders.


Ukraine is already successfully using the American HIMARS highly mobile artillery systems to launch strikes against important enemy targets at long distances. This is a weapon that has demonstrated its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Anti-drone systems

Ukraine already uses various anti-drone systems that help protect troops from drone attacks. These systems include both jammers and kinetic drone destruction systems.

“So, the technologies presented at Eurosatory 2024 demonstrate a wide range of opportunities for strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities. In particular, new drones, air defense systems and electronic warfare equipment can significantly increase the effectiveness of the Ukrainian armed forces in countering Russian aggression,” — stressed Denys Svyatokum.

Ukrainian developments became a revelation for foreigners

At the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, several Ukrainian military projects aroused considerable interest among foreign participants.

“These technologies demonstrate the high level of Ukrainian developments in the military sphere and their significant contribution to modern combat operations. Foreign participants of Eurosatory 2024 highly appreciated these innovations, which emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of defense technologies”, — noted the co-founder of the “Defense Alliance”.

Mace drone

The “Bulava” kamikaze drone was presented by the Ukrainian-Czech company UAC and became an analogue of the Russian “Lancet” drone. It is equipped with a thermobaric charge and can operate in conditions of strong electronic warfare. The drone has a long flight range and high maneuverability thanks to the X-shaped tail.

Ukrainian company Skyeton

Specializes in the production of reconnaissance UAVs. One of Skyeton's new products presented at Eurosatory 2024 is — it is a barrage munition with a warhead weighing 3.5 kg to impress ground targets. Other — it is an FPV copter that can carry a 0.8kg warhead and can be used to impress air and ground targets. UAVs have a declared flight range of up to 2,500 km. They are capable of performing both reconnaissance and strike functions with the possibility of precision targeting.


Universal mobile platform (UMP) “Ravlyk”, which is a modular solution for various military applications. It provides for the installation of various weapons modules, ranging from machine guns of caliber up to 12.7 mm to grenade launchers of caliber up to 40 mm.

Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire control systems

The systems presented at the exhibition help to effectively identify and destroy enemy targets. These technologies include radar systems and fire control systems, which have already shown high efficiency on the battlefield.

Anti-drone technologies

Ukrainian solutions to combat drones aroused considerable interest among the exhibition participants. Systems for detection, identification and neutralization of enemy drones have shown their effectiveness in protecting important facilities and units on the front.

What other types of weapons deserve Ukraine's attention now

At this time, in the conditions of war, Ukraine needs a variety of weapons to strengthen its defense capabilities. Air defense systems, modern artillery, drones, armored vehicles and electronic warfare are critical to effective defense and offensive operations.

Air defense and missile defense systems

Patriot air defense systems, which are already in use by Ukraine, have demonstrated high efficiency in defense against air attacks, including missiles and drones. The continued supply of such systems will be critical to protecting strategic assets.

NASAMS medium-range systems also help protect airspace and can integrate with other air defense assets to create a multi-layered defense system.

Artillery systems and ammunition

Mobile artillery systems such as HIMARS have already proven effective on the battlefield. Their ability to quickly change position after volleys makes them especially valuable against enemy heavy artillery.

Modern high-precision artillery shells, especially the 155 mm caliber, allow you to effectively engage targets at long distances with high accuracy. This is especially important for counter-battery combat and the destruction of enemy fortifications.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Bayraktar TB2 UAVs are already widely used by Ukrainian forces for reconnaissance and strikes against enemy targets. Their ability to hit points and a long range make them extremely valuable in combat operations.

Bulava kamikaze drones are capable of hitting enemy positions with high accuracy, which allows you to effectively destroy enemy equipment and manpower.

Tanks and armored vehicles

Modern main battle tanks such as the Leopard 2 and Abrams provide a high level of protection and firepower, making them extremely effective in offensive and defensive operations.


Armored vehicles such as the Marder and Bradley provide infantry protection and support in offensive operations, allowing more effective interaction with other forces.

Electronic warfare and radar systems

Modern EW systems make it possible to suppress enemy communications, which is especially important for preventing the coordination of enemy forces and controlling their drones.

Radio systems for detecting drones, such as Giraffe 1X, allow early detection of enemy UAVs and more effective defense against air attacks .

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