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Drone maker DJI to start production of Amflow electric bikes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Drone manufacturer DJI to start production Amflow Electric Bikes

The company best known for its drones is launching its first carbon fiber Amflow PL mountain e-bike. It’ll be available by the end of the year, complete with an Avinox mid-drive motor and a battery that supports fast charging.

DJI's e-bike packs a lot of smart and powerful features into a relatively lightweight device. and should attract the attention of such competitors as Bosch and Specialized, writes The Verge.

As a showcase for DJI's new Avinox drive system, the Amflow PL e-bike has 120Nm of peak torque and 1000W of on-demand acceleration power to tackle even the steepest slopes. Otherwise, his "surprisingly quiet" the mid-gear motor has a rated power of 250W with a peak power of 850W. The removable 800Wh battery can be quickly charged from zero to 75 percent in 1.5 hours using the Amflow 2A/508W GaN charger.

Despite this battery power and capacity, The Amflow PL weighs just 19.2kg, thanks in part to its 2.27kg carbon fiber frame and 2.52kg Avinox drivetrain. You can additionally save weight if you equip it with a smaller battery of 600 Wh. 

The bike is equipped with a two-inch color OLED touchscreen display integrated into the frame and the Avinox app for wireless access to the bike and all trip data. In the event of a malfunction, the bicycle will beep and report its location in the application. It has four pedal assist modes, including an automatic mode that adapts power delivery based on riding resistance. At completion — A USB port for charging your phone or bike computer, a full Fox suspension system and a frame that can accommodate both 27.5″ and 29″ rear wheels.

"Our experience in the field of battery and motor technology, accumulated in drones and camera stabilization systems, led us to the creation of Avinox. This is a natural step for DJI — to expand our activities in this field as we master the technologies required to create electric bicycles from the viewpoint of reliable electric motor development, battery management, mechanical design and engineering, — says Christina Zhang, DJI's Senior Director of Corporate Strategy.

Amflow PL shipments are expected to begin in Q4. DJI says the price will be somewhere between 7,000 and 12,000 euros (or $7,500 and $12,850), which puts it in direct competition with premium electric sports bikes like Specialized's Turbo series. DJI announces that the Amflow PL will be available from authorized dealers in Germany, the UK and Australia.

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