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Drone attacks on Russian refineries are an even more effective measure than sanctions, Hudkov

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

Drone attacks on Russian refineries — an even more effective measure than sanctions, — Gudkov

Strikes on Russian oil refineries (refineries) — a big problem for the leadership of the Russian Federation. And in the short term, it can be a more powerful tool compared to sanctions. Russian opposition politician Dmytro Gudkov expressed this opinion on the TV channel FREEDOM.

First of all, says Gudkov, drone attacks on refineries are likely to lead to a crisis in the oil market.

“If equipment breaks down at oil refineries, it is, of course, a headache. This may lead to a crisis in the Russian oil market. All income of the Russian budget — it is mainly the sale of oil. All other businesses — it is a derivative of “Naftyanka”. Therefore, of course, this is a serious blow, and the Kremlin does not care. But they had to understand what would be the appropriate reaction to what they are doing in Ukraine”,— said the politician.

These goals, Gudkov believes, are strategic because Putin has a lot of money for war.

“And how to hit Putin's main financial sources, if not to organize similar raids specifically on strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation”,— added the speaker.

The Russians will try to do something to protect enterprises, strengthen air defense, Gudkov believes. In addition, they may restrict the supply of oil, which will lead to an increase in prices.

“6 million barrels per day — this is still a large share of the world oil market. And further, by limiting supplies, they can start blackmailing the same United States of America, which does not need an increase in fuel prices on the eve of the elections. As before any elections in European countries. Therefore, it is not for nothing that there are already hints from the Biden administration to stop raids on oil companies. I think this is the work of some secret diplomacy”, — said the guest of the broadcast.

He also emphasized that the strikes on the refinery could be more effective than some of the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation by the West.

“In the short term, it may become a more influential tool compared to sanctions. Because some sanctions are even beneficial to Putin. I have repeatedly said: when Russia is closed and all channels of capital withdrawal from there are blocked, when, for example, specialists from the Russian Federation are not allowed anywhere, it is beneficial to Putin's military machine. After all, all money remains in the economy, personnel remain in the economy. That is why many sanctions are counterproductive. Objectively, this is beneficial to Putin. He now has engineers and IT specialists in the country. And due to sanctions, many Russians were forced to withdraw money from Western jurisdictions and send it to Russia”, — said Gudkov.

When there is an attack not even on oil storage facilities, but on enterprises engaged in oil processing, taking into account the fact that all these products are under sanctions, then, of course, Russia should compensate for this it will be extremely difficult, the politician added.

“Certainly, in the short term, this will really hit Putin's budget much harder than sanctions,— summarized Gudkov.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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