Drivers warned about the appearance of new scammers in Ukraine

Drivers warned about the appearance of new scammers in Ukraine

In Ukraine, fraudsters, taking advantage of the shortage of fuel during martial law, come up with new criminal schemes to deceive gullible drivers and embezzle their money. About one of these new fraudulent schemes, the OKKO gas station network told, writes

Drivers warned about new scammers in Ukraine

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In particular, a new fraudulent website has appeared on the Web, allegedly selling gasoline and diesel fuel .

The attackers offer drivers to buy fuel cards, coupons and electronic fuel coupons. At the same time, the scammers claim that these cards and coupons will allegedly be displayed in mobile applications of well-known Ukrainian filling station chains, including the OKKO chain.

In order to dispel all the doubts of drivers, scammers even offer them to conclude an agreement with a registered legal entity. This is a tricky move on the part of scammers, however, you need to take into account that such a document has no legal force.

Thus, you need to get information only from the official websites of gas station chains. And, of course, you can’t transfer money either to cards of unknown individuals or to cards of unverified legal entities.