Drivers in Ukraine warned about the danger to cars

Drivers in Ukraine warned about the danger to cars

August in Ukraine began with rain, but weather forecasters still promise Ukrainians hot days this summer. Therefore, it would not be superfluous today to talk about one danger for the engine in the heat, which many drivers do not know about, writes

Drivers in Ukraine have been warned about the danger to cars

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As you know, the engine is the most expensive unit in a car. Therefore, he needs to pay attention not only in winter, under difficult operating conditions, but also in summer, when, it would seem, a good time for cars.

Probably every driver knows that in summer, most often, engine problems arise from – for overheating. Overheating occurs due to a problem with the cooling system or due to the fact that the motor produces more heat than it needs.

Also, in the summer, the engine may run out of oil. Too much load also wears out the engine quickly, for example, if you drive a trailer to the country in summer.

Another danger is driving on dusty roads. For some reason, little is said about her. However, it is not uncommon for a filter curtain to break due to too much contamination of the engine air filter. Because of this, dirt enters the power unit, which can lead to its overhaul.

< p> Therefore, if you know that dusty roads are waiting for you, then do not forget to take a spare filter with you. You also need to check the intake tract so that it is not depressurized.