Drivers called fines for speeding in Ukraine: details

Drivers called fines for speeding in Ukraine: details

In wartime conditions, many drivers have forgotten that they need to adhere to elementary traffic rules, including observing the speed limit. So, driving at a very high speed is recognized as one of the most common causes of accidents.

Drivers called fines for speeding in Ukraine: details

Given this, the Ministry of Internal Affairs resumed monitoring compliance with speed limits using auto-fixation cameras. The Bigmir editors have collected the main points that are relevant for drivers now.

We note right away that depending on the situation, fines for speeding in Ukraine vary greatly. Thus, the amount of a fine for speeding can range from UAH 340 to UAH 3,400.

Permissible speed in Ukraine in 2022

  • 50 km/h – within populated areas;
  • 20 km/h – within pedestrian crossings and residential areas;
  • 90 km/h – for driving on a double solid road;
  • 110 km/h – for driving on roads with a median;
  • < li>130 km/h – for driving on motorways;

  • 70 km/h – for all drivers with less than two years of driving experience;
  • 50 km/h – towing a vehicle.

Violation of the speed limit is punishable by three types of fines, depending on the consequences and speed.

A fine for speeding in Ukraine in 2022

  • UAH 340 – for exceeding the speed limit on the road section by more than 20 km/h, but less than 50 km/h,
  • 1700 UAH – for exceeding more than 50 km/h,
  • 1445 UAH – for violating the speed limit, as a result of which an accident was provoked.

How can they fix the excess

The statistics of deaths as a result of speeding on Ukrainian roads in the first days of the war were simply horrifying. It is for this reason that the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to resume serious control over compliance with the speed limit.

On June 1, 2020, a system for fixing traffic violations was launched in the country. At the moment, 270 auto-fixation cameras are operating throughout Ukraine, which fix the speeding of a car.

Also, from June 12, 2020, the number of TruCam radars, which are used by patrolmen in high accident areas in the absence of video recording cameras, has been expanded.

Time given to pay off and contest a speeding ticket

According to the current rules, within 30 days after receiving a decision on the violation of traffic rules due to high speed, the culprit must pay off the debt. In the first 10 days after receiving the fine, its size is equal to half. If the fine has not been paid within the specified time frame, then serious sanctions may be imposed on the owner of the car.

With the development of the system of video recording of violations, it became possible to register a trustee who can also use the vehicle. It was called “Proper User”. If such a person is indicated in the personal account of the owner of the vehicle, then he will receive a fine for a violation committed by the proper user directly.

Also, if the driver who received the fine for speeding does not agree with the decision, he can appeal it within 10 days after receiving the notification.

For special drivers – “Euroblachers” came up with their own system of collecting fines

Speeding fines are sent to the address of the owner of the car or the proper user, which does not include drivers of cars with foreign registration. For the “Euroblachers” they prepared a system for paying fines in the process of crossing the state border. If the driver refuses to pay the fine, he will not be released from the country.

Violators do not have to wait for a “bright future”

For drivers who will be “caught” on the systematic violation of traffic rules, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing a bill. He will oblige them to retake the exam to renew their driving license.

New traffic fines Ukraine 2022 – what has changed

In the spring of 2021, Ukraine adopted bill No. 2695, which significantly increased the fines for speeding. So, if earlier the fine for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h was UAH 255, now it has become UAH 340. If we talk about the fine for exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h, then it has grown to UAH 1,700 instead of UAH 510.

The fine for creating an emergency due to speeding has also increased. If earlier the driver had to pay 680 hryvnia for such an offense, now the amount has increased to 1445 hryvnia.