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A female driver targeted by gunshots fire on the highway

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The driver's car was hit four times, two of which shattered the front passenger side window.

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A driver in her thirties escaped an attempted murder with a firearm this morning around 9 a.m. while she was traveling on Highway 20 in the west of the island. of Montreal.

According to our information, the victim could have identified the suspect's vehicle, a sport utility type, who caught up with him to open the fire approximately four times. Fortunately, the latter escaped with a good scare, without injury.

It was the Sûreté du Québec which took responsibility for the investigation since the attempted murder took place on Highway 20, near the Dorval roundabout.

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The driver's vehicle, targeted by gunfire, was seized by the police for ballistic analysis.

Still according to our information, the shooter allegedly used a small caliber weapon, possibly .22, to open fire towards his victim.

Although the case of road rage could be the motive for the crime, the SQ police officers learned through research that the driver had been involved in a domestic violence case just a few days ago.

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The vehicle described by the lady in her thirties could match that of her ex-spouse.

At the time of writing these lines, the SQ was still looking for the suspect in this attempted vehicular murder. Checks were still underway alongside the police investigation.

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