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A driver who was heading towards demonstrators arrested

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A driver lost his patience during a Common Front union demonstration. (Archive photo)

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Radio-Canada has learned that& #x27;a police officer from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), from neighborhood station 48, was dragged for around ten meters while trying to remove a driver from his vehicle who was heading towards a group of strikers in full demonstration of the Common Front unions.

According to our information, the 75-year-old man lost his patience, around 1 p.m., when he noticed that demonstrators were obstructing his path, rue Radisson, in the x27;east of Montreal. The septuagenarian therefore forced his way through the crowd, at low speed, ignoring people's safety.

It was at this moment that patrol officers who were supervising the event rushed to the offending vehicle to immobilize it.

One of the officers took advantage of a moment when the driver opened his door to shout insults at the demonstrators to grab him and pull him out from behind the wheel.

As the transmission position was not stopped, the vehicle continued on its way, dragging not only the driver, but also the police officer on the road. Noticing the danger of them passing under the rear wheel, on the driver's side, several demonstrators then immobilized the vehicle by pushing on the hood, in the opposite direction.

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The SPVM confirms having arrested a man at the wheel of his vehicle for obstructing the work of the police. Fortunately, no one was injured, said Jean-Pierre Brabant, spokesperson for the Montreal City Police Department.

420,000 Common Front workers are holding a seven-day strike until December 14. A labor conflict that affects all school service centers, CEGEPs, health and social services establishments in Quebec.

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