Dring dring, it’s the bling band

Dring dring, it’s the bling band

The planetary success of Crazy Rich Asians, the first Hollywood film backed by 100% Asian distribution since The Joy Luck Club in 1993, woke up the bosses of the big studios. Ah yes ? Stories carried by Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean actors, it pays? Quickly, let’s make more!

Derived from a novel by writer Kevin Kwan, the comedy Crazy Rich Asians, released two years ago, tells the story of a young Chinese-American teacher who was unaware that her future husband came from one of the richest families in Singapore. Light, funny and sparkling entertainment. Besides, if you’re looking for what used to be called a beach book, when you could laze on a lounge chair in an all-inclusive, everything Kevin Kwan has laid will delight you. He tells the story of the jet-set with a lot of humor, wit and derision.

Since Friday, Netflix offers the television equivalent of Crazy Rich Asians, either docurality Bling Empire (The bling empire, in French version). For eight short episodes, we follow shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive and private jet trips to Paris of a group of Asian Americans, young and old, all extra fortunate.

Quickly, the protagonists throw glasses of champagne in their faces (watch out for my Dior!) And scratch each other (impeccable manicure) for the title of queen bee by showing off diamond necklaces worth the price of four chalets in the Townships. -ballast. Nothing new in sunny Los Angeles.

But halfway through, the Chanel varnish flakes off and Bling empire digs higher stakes. Because yes, it is possible to gain depth in such a superficial and thin universe, believe it or not.

The “characters” reassess archaic family traditions and question their identity, while lamenting the pressure their parents exert to succeed at all costs. A little content in this glossy container certainly doesn’t hurt.

We discover this chrome and little-known universe through the model of Korean origin Kevin Kreider, the poorest – by far – of this group of children of billionaires. Kevin comes from Philadelphia and lives with roommates in a house where he pays $ 1,000 in rent a month, without any help from mom or dad.

Kevin will mate with this golden fauna thanks to the contacts of Kane Lim, the son of a Singaporean tycoon who is blazing his money in clothes and facial injections, obviously. Around them revolve DJ Kim Lee, hairdresser Guy Tang, philanthropist Christine Chiu and entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li, who is dating actor Andrew Gray, whose only feat of arms is to have embodied a Power Tidy. Red, if you want to know everything.

Most fascinating is Anna Shay, whose family has amassed billions in arms sales. She lives on a huge estate in Beverly Hills and doesn’t let anyone step on her toes. It is my favorite.

In short, if you fancy an escape to the rich and less famous who collect high fashion clothes, Bling empire will empty your coconut for a few hours, a bit like Emily in Paris. It’s flashy, but quite entertaining.

Back to Wentworth

I love the Australian series Wentworth, camped in a women’s prison where violence, drug trafficking and clan wars frighten inmates. I have seen all the seasons. Here is a television series which assumes its soapy side and which is not afraid to kill its main characters to keep us on the end of our sofa.

The eighth chapter of Wentworth was released during the holiday season on Netflix and Tou.tv’s Extra. The version dubbed in French does not seem to exist yet, because Netflix and Extra only offer subtitles in our language.

And is it good? Yes as always. New prisoners wreak havoc, including one (Lou Kelly) who has a reputation for cutting fingers to assert her authority. A young activist, accused of terrorism, will also shake the prison, which has a new administrator determined to cut the fat.

Several famous faces return in the eighth season of Wentworth (10 more episodes will be released later in 2021), including Marie, Boomer (which I love), Allie and Ruby, as well as Vera, Jake and Will. The one whose name cannot be pronounced reappears in the background as well, but perhaps not the way you imagined.

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