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Dredge: discover the game’s collector’s box

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

The Dredge collector's box for PS5 is about to land, and it promises to delight fans and collectors who are captivated by the dark universe of the Cthulhu Mythos. This title is the result of a successful collaboration between the New Zealand studio Black Salt Games and the publisher Team17 .

Dredge: discover the game collector's box

Dredge A journey into the abyss

Dredge propels you into a maritime adventure in which fishing is confronted with challenges. horror, an explosive mixture. You will have to navigate through mysterious waters while harvesting resources. But the game is not so peaceful since you will have to face marine creatures, each more ferocious than the other. Throughout this adventure, you will also have to discover buried secrets. You should know that in this collector's edition, you will have access to the last 3 DLCs.

Concerning the collector's box of the video game Dredge , it will please both fans and collectors. It includes:

  • the game and its DLC,
  • an exclusive steelbook case and a collector's box,
  • a reversible jacket with unpublished artwork,
  • a 10 cm replica of a Sign of Ruin talisman,
  • a double-sided poster,
  • a game map,
  • a compendium with all the fish and their horrible variants,
  • a message from the developers in a bottle,
  • and a 6 cm double-sided coin.

You should definitely not miss the Collector's Edition of Dredge which will allow you to fully enjoy this title and in addition to having some goodies.It is available for pre-order from today, be careful, there will not be one for everyone. It will arrive on November 19.

Dredge: discover the collector's box of the game

And for For those who grew up with the adventures of the Ninja Turtles,the video game Ninja Turtles Mutants Go Unleashis also available for pre-order strong> in a magnificent collector's box which contains many goodies:

  • The physical game Ninja Turtles: the mutants are unleashed
  • An exclusive Steelbook case
  • An exclusive steelbook case. collector's flap
  • 4 badges in the shape of belt buckles of each of the 4 Turtles
  • 4 key rings resembling the weapons of each of the 4 Turtles
  • An artbook soft cover with many drawings

This is a perfect opportunity to continue the adventure with the 4 brothers: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello,  or more simply to discover this legendary video game license. Don't miss this good deal, because it is temporary and the box may quickly be out of stock.

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