Dragoneantes captured in La Modelo prison received up to five million pesos for entering prohibited objects

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The guards would be part of the criminal gang La Purga, which brought in alcohol, cell phones and drugs hidden among the uniforms

Dragoneans captured in La Modelo jail received up to five million pesos for entering prohibited objects

The dragonlings entered nearby houses to store the objects among their garments. (Colprensa – Diego Pineda)

This Friday, November 25, in the middle of the hearing to charge six criminals who worked in the La Modelo prison and were captured on Wednesday the 23rd, it was learned that The officials were part of the La Purga criminal gang and captured up to five million pesos a month for bringing prohibited items into the Bogota prison. The authorities are investigating whether more guards are involved.

According to the investigations of the accusing entity, the members of La Purga traveled to some houses near the prison. In those properties, all kinds of items were kept, such as cell phones, sim cards, alcoholic beverages, and narcotics. According to a report from the CityTv news program, the items were packed with paper and tape, with the name of the inmate and the corresponding yard for each package, and the dragonheads camouflaged them in their uniforms before starting work.

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">Each of the packages could contain up to six cell phones. According to Colonel Herbert Benavides, deputy commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, the equipment was used for criminal activities such as scams and extortion.

The subcommander also assured that there are three civilians involved in this criminal activity and they were also arrested in the joint operation of the Gaula of the National Police, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec). The National Attorney General's Office indicated that the dragoneantes will be charged with charges of conspiracy to commit crimes for extortion purposes and drug trafficking.

“The investigations carried out by the Prosecutor's Office will be respected, taking into account that for the institution this is one of the control and justice bodies that must ensure compliance with the laws in every sense and field,” reads a statement from Inpec.

For his part, Óscar Robayo, representative of the Inpec union, pointed out that this type of action is necessary for the institution to purify itself and change the perspective it has generated in recent years. “We respect all judicial processes; the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute has often been accused of corruption. We hope that these investigations bear fruit and that they set examples and that the State put an end to the rotten apples that are in the institute,” he said.

Precarious nutrition in prisons

The National Prison Movement has communicated this Wednesday, November 23, about the serious situation that occurs in the El Buen Pastor, La Picota and La Modelo prisons in Bogotá, since they are not complying with the minimum standards allowed for the handling and preparation of food.

Rats, flies and mosquitoes were found inside the inmates' food. “It should be clarified that this situation is not occurring for the first time, however, they ignore the recommendations and demands made by the Ministry of Health,” the organization pointed out in a statement.

On the side of El Buen Pastor, the inmates reported that, given the non-compliance with the corresponding grammages and the food in poor condition, some of them are on hunger strike. For its part, in the Modelo prison “we have been told that many of the inmates have intestinal diseases due to the lack of cooking of the food, the lack of hygiene and the late delivery of the same,” the movement explained. /p>

The diseases that many of the inmates suffer from are caused by the poor diet they receive and this situation is aggravated by the lack of medical attention and the corresponding treatment.