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Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo looks incredible in this new cosplay

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Piccolo is one of the pillars of the Dragon Ball universe. Initially evil, Little Heart then joins San Goku's group and becomes one of his most loyal companions. Recently, a cosplayer gave a quote. brings the green hero to life with striking realism.

Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo looks incredible in this new cosplay< /p>

Who is Piccolo?

Created by Akira Toriyama, Piccolo made his first appearance in the manga Dragon Ball in 1988.Piccolo is the true first villain of the license. The real first enemy of little San Goku. Originally from Namek, Piccolo later becomes an ally of in size. He is one of the most powerful fighters on planet Earth and defeated one of the forms of Cell in single combat. The character was recently released. brought up to date and regained in power in the recent film Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes.

Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo is incredible in this new cosplay

A crazy cosplay

This year, the Dragon Ball license will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Indeed, it was in 1984 thatAkira Toriyamagives birth to this cult universe in the world of Japanese manga. Even if the creator has left us, on March 1st, its cultural heritage is still as important and present in popular culture.

It is therefore logical that some fans are taking up the theme again. legacy of this cult artist through cosplays, each more impressive than the last. The proof with artistjodysteel,a young woman who uses her makeup skills to bring her makeup to life. a superb Piccolo. Charismatic and even a little worrying, this creation gives us a nice glimpse of what Piccolo could be in live-action. p>

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I was aiming for Piccolo and I got ended up looking more like Dende ud83dude00ud83dude2d I can't help but have a baby face. Still better than Dragon Ball Evolution?

Dende is another Namek from the Dragon Ball Z universe. Much smaller than Piccolo, Dende is not a warrior, but ends up receiving all the powers of the inheritance of Namek culture. As for Dragon Ball Evolution is an American film by James Wong released in 2009. A live-action adaptation of Toriyama's cult manga, it is considered to be a as one of the worst films of all time and the worst manga adaptation ever.

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