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Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma

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Son Goku has always been able to count on the unwavering support of his friends to help him in his battles. We of course think first of all about his son Son Gohan, his eternal rival Vegeta or even Satan Little Heart, whom he once fought inDragon Ballwhen he was younger. It was in this youth that he also forged his skills. several friendships. Unimpressive allies on the battlefield, but always useful to assist our hero in his battle. distance. Bulma is one of them. The young girl is even the first friend Goku meets. In the very first episodes (in Akira Toriyama's first volume). She recruits him as a bodyguard to travel and go abroad. the quest for the Dragon Balls in order to make his wishes come true. The two acolytes have experienced many adventures, and share several secrets. We know, for example, that initially, Toriyama and his publisher envisaged a romance between the two characters. An idea ultimately abandoned for the sake of coherence. But their friendship contains even more anecdotes, which we wanted to come back to today.

Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma


Just as she teaches him about life on Earth, its customs and the laws of nature, Bulma learns to Goku the true power of the Dragon Balls. This is also the context of their meeting. Bulma's detector is activated upon contact with the Dragon Ball that Goku possesses, and which he thinks contains the spirit of his late grandfather. Vegeta's future wife will almost always be affiliated with magic balls. She participates in particular in; their research on Namek alongside Krillin and Son Gohan later in the saga.

Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma

#4 BULMA Aété attracted by GOKU

As we said, Goku and Bulma almost had the start of a romance. If Toriyama finally backed down due to the age difference between them (she was 16 when they first met, and he was 12), the late Toriyama said. The mangaka slightly revised his copy during the 23rd Budokai Tenkaichi, when they meet again after a three-year break. Bulma notices that the warrior has grown up, and seems embarrassed by it. e. Same thing during Goku's triumphant arrival on Namek to save his friends and face Frieza years later. She wonders if she hasn't missed it. his chance with this best part. on the relationship between Goku and Bulma” />


At least Goku Black, this entity created and manipulated by Zamasu after he stole BULMA

Goku's body and searched for à destroy all mortals under the plane“Human Zero”. The main antagonist of the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Supereliminates Bulma in front of his son in episode 47 titled “Future SOS: A new dark enemy appears!”.

Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma


In any case, this is what is suggested. In the final episode of Dragon Ball GT «Goodbye, Son Gok», their descendants Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. face each other during the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament, or after an ellipse of 100 years later. In the audience, Pan, Goku Jr.'s great-great-grandmother, proudly attends the festivities, and finds herself sitting next to him. of Bulma's descendant. But the two people do not know each other, which suggests that the two families have cut each other off. the bridges at a given moment. À unless it's a big inconsistency.

Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma


Bulma is an outstanding mechanic. His help to his friend is valuable outside of combat. It was she who built him the ship that took him to Namek and all the equipment necessary for him to train during the trip. But Bulma is also a renowned scientist. When Trunks from the future arrives in the present, it is to warn of the danger that lies ahead for the Z Fighters and to give the cure to the problem. Son Goku to cure him of a heart disease. A remedy concocted by Bulma in the futureafter all members have been destroyed. decimated from attacks by the cyborgs C-17 and C-18, in order to prevent the destruction of humanity.

Dragon Ball Z: 5 anecdotes about the relationship between Goku and Bulma

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