Dr. Myasnikov spoke about a way to “delay death”

Dr. Myasnikov spoke about a way to “delay death”

Domestic doctor Alexander Myasnikov told how citizens can “delay” their own death. The words of the physician sounded on the air of the channel “Russia 1”.

Dr. Myasnikov spoke about a way to

Image taken from: instagram: @ drmyasnikov.ru
According to Myasnikov's statement, there is the fact that death can indeed be “postponed”. According to statistics, in Israel, on the eve of Easter, mortality among the elderly is decreasing, and after the end of the event it returns to its previous levels. The doctor connects this with the fact that people are waiting for the holiday, and this helps them to live, even despite the presence of incurable diseases. A similar situation takes place in China before the New Year according to the lunar calendar.

Myasnikov believes that when a person is waiting for something, he stops being afraid and has the opportunity to live. There is no need to be afraid even of chronic ailments, the doctor is convinced; he calls them “the price to pay for longevity”.

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