Dr. butcher revealed the “true” number of patients with coronavirus in Russia

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov revealed the “true” number of patients with coronavirus in Russia. According to the physician, official statistics do not reflect the real situation with the spread COVID-19 in the country.

Доктор Мясников раскрыл “истинное” количество больных коронавирусом в России

In Russia since the beginning of the pandemic confirmed order 355 of thousands of cases of coronavirus infection. While butchers indicated that the disease within an average of two weeks. You need to consider first of all those infected COVID-19 recently. This implies that now the country has about 130 active carriers of the pathogen. As for the rest of the more than 200 thousand, these people are not infected, they are completely healthy and “immune”, said the doctor through his Telegram channel.

Confirmed Alexander Myasnikov, and that almost half of the people infected in Russia do not show symptoms of infection. Statistics indicate that in severe form among Russians COVID-19 flows at 10%.

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