Dr. butcher has denied the rumors about the chipping of people under the guise of a vaccine against coronavirus

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov acted with criticism of conspiracy theories, suggesting that under the guise of a vaccine against the coronavirus of the people will be chipped. Many users believe that such technology advances including bill gates.

Доктор Мясников опроверг слухи о чипировании людей под видом вакцины от коронавируса

According to Myasnikov, the relevant theory can nominate people who have excessive self-esteem. The doctor is convinced that to implement such a scheme is problematic, and it would be strange to control everyone, because hardly anyone needs it. The doctor added that the conspiracy theorists need to stop trying to be a “center of the Universe”. Many experts believe that to some extent many of the inhabitants of the Earth for a long time “pročipirovany” their smartphones, keeping them and online activity, as well as contacts, travel information, transactions, etc.

Alexander Myasnikov convinced that there are far more effective and affordable methods of social control. Among those are fear, hunger, or bribery, the doctor noted in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov.

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