Dr. Alexander Myasnikov called the vegetable with the greatest benefit for a person

The most useful vegetables of the existing can be considered a broccoli. This statement was made by the famous Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

Доктор Александр Мясников назвал овощ с наибольшей пользой для человека

According to experts, broccoli contains so many minerals, vitamins and protect from cancer bioactive components with antioxidant that it can be called the most beneficial to the human body of all. As noted by Dr. butcher, eat broccoli it’s best in its raw form. To obtain the daily value of vitamins needed per day to eat 500 grams of fruit and the same number of different vegetables, added the expert. In addition, he stressed that the vitamins supplied to the body from plant foods, much more benefits than from medications appropriate destination.

Shared the expert and another Board that will allow you to make a correct and healthy diet for every day. To approve Alexander Myasnikov, in such cases it is better to follow the rule of the rainbow, using fruits and vegetables of all colors: red, yellow, green and purple mess.

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