Dozens found dead in San Antonio

Dozens of dead found in San Antonio

Police at the truck, in which dozens of dead bodies were found   Dozens dead found in San Antonio

Two Mexican nationals charged with involvement in at least 51 deaths

Two Mexican nationals detained on suspicion of involvement in at least 51 deaths 51 people charged with illegal possession of firearms while illegally in the US.

Earlier Tuesday, dozens of bodies of alleged illegal migrants trying to enter the US were found in San Antonio, Texas. They were in the closed back of a highway truck parked at the railway station. Among the dead were 39 men and 12 women.

Another 16 people, including four children, were hospitalized.

This is one of the largest tragedies of its kind in US history.


Local authorities reported that the van showed no signs of air conditioning and water, and the air temperature in San Antonio reached almost 40 degrees Celsius. According to them, the bodies of the dead were hot.