Dorofeva spoke about turning to the “Voice of the Country”

Dorofeva spoke about turning to the “Voice of the Country”

Dorofieva spoke about turning to “Voice of the Country”

Today until the studio “Snidanku z 1+1” started a conversation, coach of the vocal project “Voice of the country” Nadya Dorofєva.

Nadya Dorofєeva rose, on the 24th of the fierce, on the day of the cob of a large-scale war, it was guilty of bula z & # 8217; appear on the air & # 8220; with the premiere Russian version of the song “Colorful”.

“I remember well’24 the fierce. The day before, everyone said that it would be. And until the rest, like all Ukrainians, I didn’t believe in everything and said: like a war, in a less ether 24 fierce at & # 8220; Snidanka z 1 + 1 & # 8221;. And in the evening I have a corporate party to blame. I threw myself on the first & #8217; wrote a command that the air will not be sung. What did they stink about: it’s amazing! Therefore, today I want to present the Ukrainian version of this song. Won uveide to the first Ukrainian EP – tse “Riznokolorova”. I have become more familiar with songs in a different way. In the future album, which will be released in a month, the stench will be strongly irritated by the fact that I worked earlier. More about sensi, you can see those emotions & # 8221;, & # 8211; to speak in love.

Before that, the coach revealed that she was speaking with her team for the project “Voice of the Country-12” >“I want to say that we are constantly collaborating with the team. In my team, there is a military one, and I will lead him to the language. In the new one, everything is good, but I especially take care of the new one. At the same time, too many people write to me at social media that they want to turn “Voice of the country” to the ether. Aje all the country needs voices and talents. I imagine the project turning on the screen”, – Kage Dorofєva.

vid of the very earnings of Viyn Dorofєva, Active Socialnna Dyalnist: Vistypa with a good concerts in the VSOOM SVITA, ACTOMENT COSTOVENTS, PIDTRIMENSKY BIZHEV. The artist spoke about how she would talk to the Ukrainians for the hour of performances.