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DOROFEEVA, KOLA and TVORCHI: powerful novelties of June, which you must listen to

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024


Music premieres in June/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

June is extremely rich in music premieres. We heard more than a dozen cool and bright compositions. It is interesting that the stars presented a lot of duets, which are also impressive. Listen together to June's musical novelties.

Someone released one song in June, someone released several at once. There were also those who managed to present mini-albums, which was especially liked by their fans. Radio MAXIMUMencourages you to add all the songs you like to your playlist. Enjoy quality Ukrainian music together!

Playlist of new Ukrainian songs for June, listen online:

TVORCHI – “Shine”: watch the video for the song

The song “Shine” is the first episode from our Planet X that we share with listeners. She is like a solar eclipse that causes goosebumps on the body, everything starts with her. Each of the songs of our new album reproduces certain feelings, from those we have experienced in the last three years. Shine is about the glow inside us, which shows the way when it is dark around,
– share Tvorchi.

“Antibodies” – “Broken”: watch the video for the song

The frontman of the band, Taras Topolya, said that the song emphasizes the power of each person to change the world.

With the song “Broken” we want to say that we are all broken in something: such times, such a difficult fate has befallen our generation, but at the same time we are not broken and unbreakable,
– said Taras Topolya on the air of the show Selection on Radio Promin.

Klavdia Petrivna – “Teatr”: watch the clip for the song


The video shows a reflection of life through the prism of a stage, where everyday life becomes a performance, and people turn into actors who constantly try to impersonate others.

In her usual style, the artist highlighted important topics for society. The meaning of the song is the realization that everyone plays their role. And people carefully hide their own feelings and emotions under masks.

All life is a theater! I like to turn routine into an interesting performance, play roles and intrigue. Let this song be a small hint… See you soon,
– commented the singer.

DOROFEEVA – “Heartbeat”: watch the clip for the song

“Heartbeat” is a sensual dance composition. According to Dorofeeva, she created the lyrics and music for the song together with her husband, restaurateur and musician Misha Katsurin. The video was directed by the famous Tanya Muinho, who created videos for world celebrities.

DOROFEEVA put the most frank female feelings into the song. She also announced her new album and “Heartbeat” is the first track on it.

This song has something special about it – I don't get tired of it no matter how many times I listen to it: demo , reduction, I constantly turn it on in the car. If my previous songs were very personal, then “Heartbeat” is more like my thoughts about narcissistic boys who are so “in themselves” that they do not notice anything around them and do not care about the feelings of others,
– the performer shared.

Palindrome – “Here it flies”: watch the clip for the song

In the clip, the musician is surrounded by black crows, which later cover the entire space.

This work is inspired by the reflection on our enemy's missile strikes on Ukrainian cities,
says Stepan Burban (“Palindrome” ).

The song continues a cycle of self-reflections about trying to understand oneself in the new realities of war.

I have often tried to understand what birds feel when they shudder from trees in flight after shock wave. It seems they are so used to it that they don't feel anything, they are dead inside,
– comments Burban.

ZLATA OGNEVICH – “Ptashka”: watch the clip for the song

As the performer notes on her Instagram, “Bird” is a song that became the soundtrack to the Ukrainian revenge film “The Witch of Konotop”. According to her, this track is a real ode to the female power that lives in everyone.

Note that the film “The Witch of Konotop”, for which “Bird” became the soundtrack, tells the story of a witch from Konotop who fell in love with an ordinary guy and renounced her witch powers. However, with the outbreak of a full-scale war, Russian soldiers take over the city and brutally kill her lover, so she decides to take revenge, regains her powers and brings bloody punishments on the murderers of her fiancé.

KOLA – “Kiss”: watch song clip

The composition conveys the sweetest emotions that arise in a person in love when he surrenders to the feeling with all his heart. The romantic melody, written in the singer's unique style, seems to envelop the listener with warmth, filling him from the inside with an invaluable feeling of coziness and the most sincere happiness.

My new song “Kiss” is a continuation of my story of love and romance, which I tell through music. It is very important when love is based on feelings, trust and peace of mind, which is felt next to a loved one. When you don't need any bright gestures to confirm your feelings, you understand and feel everything in kisses,
– comments the artist.

More new tracks for June

  • ADAM – “You my Rock and Roll”;
  • Nastya Kamenskyi and Ostrovskyi – “Sins”;
  • Zlata Ognevich – “Love”;
  • YAKTAK and Golubenko – “About you to me” ;
  • Kazhanna – “Zhali”;
  • Anton Savlyepov – “Unfasten”;
  • Native One – “Summer Day”;
  • Tember Blanche and The Budchuk – “Telepath”;
  • Khayat – “I will”;
  • LAUD – “Awakening”;
  • DIBROVA and Olena Topolya – ” Do you want”;
  • KOLA and Misha Krupin – “Tulips”;
  • Viktor Vinnyk and MARY – “Beautiful”;
  • KALUSH – album “For the Soul”;
  • Roman Skorpion – “And in my heart music plays”;
  • ROXOLANA – mini album “When the fern blooms”;
  • Pivovarov Prod x PRIANA x Viktoriya Derkach – “Eyes”;
  • YAKTAK – “We're going”;
  • SESTRA – “I'm for you”.
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