“Don’t go to Church for Easter”: a fan of Putin, laughing over the coronavirus, now afraid of him

Scandalous Russian football player encouraged to celebrate the holiday at home, to “go slow”

The controversial midfielder Kazan “Rubin”, a fan of Putin Dmitry Tarasov urged his followers to refrain from going to Church on Easter because of the pandemic coronavirus. According to the Russian player, it’s worth doing, “to preserve health”. Previously, the player of Kiev “Dynamo” made a bet with Lukashenka about the role of vodka in the fight against coronavirus.

“Preparing for a bright Easter together as a family. For our daughter eve she will become the first, – wrote in his Instagram Dmitry Tarasov. The day before yesterday together with his beloved daughters and painted eggs and baked Easter cakes. A week ago, decided not to go to the consecration to the Church. Especially the abbots and the priests urged to refrain this year, to save health. Tell that today to the relatives, especially the grandmother or grandfather. Help them, for many of them this holiday, as well as for our family, is very important. Them and order your cake from an online service, especially now even the consecrated cakes, though it is not necessarily. Generally, you can just bake the whole family at home, the more so sitting in isolation”.

"Не ходите в церковь на Пасху": фанат Путина, смеявшийся над коронавирусом, теперь его боится

Dmitry Tarasov / Photo: Getty Images

We will remind, in February, Tarasov ended up in a scandal, laying out on the social network photo with the hairdresser of Asian appearance. Russian player was accompanied by the following caption: “Coronavirus”. According to the player then social media users accused of “lack of brains”, this disease has been given too much attention. However, over time, as you can see, Tarasov changed his mind: already worried about health.

"Не ходите в церковь на Пасху": фанат Путина, смеявшийся над коронавирусом, теперь его боится

Notoriety Dmitry Tarasov became even in 2016, when in the midst of a military conflict between Turkey and Russia have decided to tease fans in Istanbul, on the field wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Vladimir Putin and the caption: “the Most polite President.” For this UEFA punished Tarasov a fine of 5 thousand euros.

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