Donka Oleni Kravets from “Quarter 95” showed her talents

Donka Oleni Kravets from “Quarter 95” showed her talents

> Danka is a famous Ukrainian actress, comedian and studio star “Kvartal 95” Oleni Kravets showed an installation that inspired Ukrainian mitts at the Burning Man 2022 festival.

In her Instagram story, Masha posted an additional note that this figure was created as a symbol of freedom at the music festival. At Burning Man 2022, they created the installation “Trident of Freedom” to the support of Ukraine.

Installation prepared by the Lithuanian-American tabir Amber Dust , it was created from plywood and may be 5 meters high.

“Today's trident is a symbol of unity and freedom. A symbol of arrogance and purposefulness, a symbol of the struggle for freedom and democracy”, wrote the authors of the Freedom Trident installation.

Donka Oleni Kravets showed her talents in the “95 Quarter”


Masha Kravets often publishes captions, she loves to shock the public by posting whatever content.

Let's guess, at this festival, Ukraine is represented by everyone, the couple, Alina Pash, became famous for her scandalous podia. Recently, she boasted that the lovebirds represent Ukraine.