Donka Monika Bellucci took for the glossy

Donka Monika Bellucci took for the glossy

Donka Monika Bellucci was taken for gloss

Yuna the celebrity put on an elegant image.

18-fold model Diva Kassel starred in an elegant photo shoot for glossy looks.

The eldest daughter Monica Bellucci in the dress with the French actor Vincent Cassel invited Bilan Luxe magazine for the sides.

Yuna starred on the runway at the luxurious images in the look of the house brands, like adding expensive embellishments. Divi's subscribers commemorated their similarity from the mirror matir’yu.

Diva Kassel for gloss

After the constant fight with the Italian actor Monika Bellucci, 18-river Diva is actively going to the vlasnu car in the model closet, taking part in the current fashion and znіmayuchis for vіdomi glazіv.

At the new photo shoot, the young celebrity appeared in a dazzling image – a long-term cloth with a deep neckline. She added luxurious embellishments to the outfit, and shed her hair with loose ends. In the guise of the daughters of the stars of the fathers, they made a light evening make-up.