Dominican Republic prevails over Venezuela 72-68 in qualifying match

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  • Dominican Republic beat Venezuela 72-68 in qualifying match

The national team The Dominican Republic defeated Venezuela 72-68 in today's qualifying match in Santo Domingo for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023.

Despite this victory, Venezuela maintains second place in group E after Canada, as the Dominican team failed to achieve the five-point difference that would have raised them to that position.

In the two ú In recent games, the Dominicans have managed to abandon fourth place and come close to second in the group, after beating the Argentine team 80-69 last Thursday, also in Santo Domingo.

In today's game , Venezuela closed the The first three quarters led (20-17, 37-35 and 47-56), but in the fourth the Dominican Republic came back from behind. to end up winning.

It was also the confrontation of two Argentine coaches, Néstor "Che" García on the Dominican side and Fernando Duró on the Dominican side. the Venezuelan, for a match marked by intensity and rivalry.

Although the first two points of the match went to the Dominican Republic, the entire first half was clearly from Venezuela, despite the fact that in the first half fourth there were three changes of leadership on the scoreboard.

However, the Dominicans presented problems both offensively and defensively at that time.

In the second the game also began. The Dominican Republic scored and, although at first there was a tug-of-war between the two teams, Venezuela gradually increased the distance.

Although it came to the end of the game. to have six points of difference, came the The Dominicans were unable to take advantage of the free throws and neither were the personal ones that weighed on Venezuela at half time, just two away, 37-35.

In the third quarter, the Dominicans were unable to take advantage of them.

They also presented a certain inferiority when it came to avoiding the attack by the Venezuelans in the painted zone.

It was in that third quarter when the Dominican Republic gave the worst image and, although they remained strong. Despite the local hopes, everything seemed to lean towards a final victory for a Venezuela that dominated in rebounding, with fewer lost balls and more stolen balls from the Dominicans.

Just three minutes from the end of the third quarter, Venezuela had scored 14 points, compared to 4 for the Dominican Republic, a distance that increased even more. This was due to Mendoza's personal foul, when Cubillán scored the free throws and put his team with a difference of twelve, 53 versus 39.

At all times, Venezuela was ahead on the scoreboard, although little by little the Dominican Republic was taking air and reducing the distance.

The last quarter was the best quarter for the Dominicans, who started scoring and placed the score at 49-56, although the joy lasted for a while. But the Dominican Republic gained positions and caused free throws, until the three-pointer by Feliz reduced the gap to 5 points (53-58) and Solano cut them out up to 55-58.

On Venezuela's side, a very active and combative Carrera managed to win. It helped his team reach 60 points.

Taking advantage of the rebounds, with just over three minutes to go, Guerrero's three-pointer and Delgado's basket made the score equal to 62.

Montero, only 19 years old, was one of the protagonists of the last quarter, he led the Dominican Republic two minutes from the end with a triple, with twenty points in twenty minutes.< /p>

With another 3-pointer, he led the way. He brought the Dominican team to 70-66 with just 16 seconds to go, to finish the match at 72-68 and leave everything pending for the last window.

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