Dominican faces fifth window with Che's weapons

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  • Dominicanian faces fifth window with Ché's weapons

    Nestor -Che- García returns to the Dominican team with the goal of reaching another World Cup.< /p>

A 2-0 would be ideal, but unlikely. A 1-1 would not be bad. But 0-2 would be very dangerous.

With the return to the bench of Néstor –Ché-García, of the “exiles in Venezuela” After the previous appointment and with the advantage of the house, the national basketball team faces this Thursday and Sunday the fifth qualifying window of the Americas with a view to next year's World Cup in Japan. ;n, Philippines and Indonesia.

After a disappointing performance against Panama. At home and in Venezuela, García –separated from the ranks of Argentina in the process- resumes the reins of the Dominican team, replacing Melvin López, who left the Dominican team. combined with a record of 5-3 in Group E.

García, experienced as the most, apart from his technical knowledge appeals a lot to challenge the players,  to his pride, which makes the most of their abilities and makes them believe in them.

He comes in addition to training the Argentines and further back the Venezuelans whom he guided. to a surprise crown in the 2016 Tournament of the Americas. If anyone knows the game of basketball from A to Z, it is Ché; Garcia.

Now take the group in a different situation than the previous time where you prepared it. for the 2019 Pan American Games and World Cup in China. In this last one, the Dominican Republic hit the bell by beating Germany and advancing to the second round.

The rivals

Argentina (6-2, third in the group) will not have to his NBA and Euroleague stars, but to six of those who made up the team that won the competition. this year's Americup.  Coach Pablo Prigioni was an assistant before Ché's departure. They are not the golden generation, but they know what to do. what they play and how to do it. Nicolás Brussino (forward, 6-8), Marcos Delía (center, 6-11) and Juan Pablo Vaulet (forward, 6-6) will look to keep the momentum going. The shock will be this Thursday from 8 pm at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto.

Venezuela (7-1, second in the group) will resume to their stars who were absent from the Americup, but could not go to fulfill their visit to Canada; (8-0, first in the group) because they did not receive the corresponding visas, so they will arrive rested without having to make two trips. A solid, tough team that bets on the team and a strong defense. The party will be on Sunday from 6 pm on the same stage.

Gelvis Solano, Luis David Montero and Juan Guerrero return to the national team, who were not in the previous window due to contracts with the Venezuelan SuperLiga, which strangely operates outside the International Basketball Federation.

Solano and Captain Víctor Liz are facing some physical discomfort, but 15 players have been called up, including several who can take over in the event of an emergency. that they cannot be counted on.

You also have to keep an eye on the results of Group F. The first  three from each group and the best fourth place between the two.


Group E: Canada; (8-0), Venezuela (7-1), Argentina (6-2), Dominican Republic (5-3), Panama (2-6), Bahamas (2-6).
Group F: United States (7-1), Brazil (5-3), Mexico (5-3), Uruguay (5-3) , Puerto Rico (4-4),  Colombia (3-5).

Preselection: Víctor Liz, Eloy Vargas, Andrés Féliz, Juan Miguel Suero, Ángel Delgado, Luis Montero, Rigoberto Mendoza, Gelvis Solano, Miguel Dicent, Jean Montero, Antonio Peña, Juan Guerrero, Jonathan Araujo, Gerardo Suero, Richard Bautista.

Today Games
Canada vs. Venezuela – 7:10 p.m.
Dominican Republic vs. Argentina – 8:00 p.m.
Bahamas vs. Panama – 8:00 p.m.

Tomorrow Games
United States vs. Brazil
Puerto Rico vs. Colombia
Mexico vs. Uruguay

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