DOM.RF purchased 24.4% of the 001P-06R bond issue for 6 billion rubles from IFX

JSC DOM.RF acquired in under the offer, 6 million 96,974 thousand bonds of series 001P-06R at a price of 100% of the face value, the state corporation said.

The volume of the issue is 25 million bonds with a par value of 1 thousand rubles each , thus, the company bought back 24.39% of the issue.

The company placed 20-year bonds worth RUB 25 billion in June 2019. The current coupon rate is 8.65% per annum.

Currently, there are also 17 issues of DOM.RF exchange-traded bonds in circulation for 260 billion rubles and 7 issues of classic bonds for a total amount of 41.1 billion rubles.


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