Dollarama angry at the words of the Minister of Labor

Dollarama angry at the words of the Minister of Labor

The senior management of the Quebec dollar store banner Dollarama is furious with the Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, who targeted her on the air yesterday by surprise for non-compliance with sanitary rules.

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“We are very surprised and very disappointed to be targeted in this way, especially in a context where we are in regular communication with the CNESST and that at no time in recent weeks have these concerns and even the existence of these findings. infringement has not been brought to our attention, ”Lyla Radmanovich, spokesperson for Dollarama, told the Journal in a written statement.

Friday morning, the banner stressed that it was available at all times and that it is even ready to discuss with the CNESST and with the Minister of Labor.

Dollarama insisted that it has implemented COVID protocols with Public Health in its 360 stores which employ some 5,000 people.

“Sanitary instructions violated”

On Thursday, the minister did not go with the back of the spoon to Dollarama for an interview on the program “À votre affaires” on LCN.

The Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, said that the Quebec banner has not respected the rules since the start of the pandemic.

He specified that 11 statements of offense were given to nine branches of the chain and that 124 notices of correction were given in stores of the banner by the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and occupational safety (CNESST).

“It’s a recurring problem. Initially, we did a lot of education and awareness, but after that, we noticed that there was no respect for wearing a mask, no respect for the two-meter distance, just about all the health instructions were raped, ”he said.

Minister Jean Boulet even went so far as to send a message to consumers.

“I don’t want to guide consumers. They need to be aware of what’s going on at Dollarama. When deciding to buy, it’s important to go in an environment that is safe. And currently, what we have found is that we do not listen in Dollarama. ”

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