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Dog mode doesn't work: Tesla owners complain about electric cars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

Dog mode doesn't work: Tesla owners complain about electric cars

Dog mode not working at Tesla/user6702303

Lovers of furry friends, be careful! If you're traveling in a Tesla with a four-legged friend, you shouldn't leave him in the car, even for a moment.

After a software update, the beloved Dog Mode feature may stop working. InsideEVs reports that Tesla's recent firmware update 2024.20.1, which includes “hot weather improvements,” has done the opposite for some owners.

In a post on Reddit, the owner of the Model Y set the “dog” mode to 19 degrees Celsius. The outside temperature that day was 30 degrees. However, after 10 minutes, the message “Problem with dog mode” appeared.

The temperature inside the car reached 29 degrees and continued to rise when the dog was taken out. The Model Y owner added that on the way to the office, the general HVAC system was also not working properly. A support request was made and Tesla responded that Dog Mode and other HVAC issues are “a known feature of the current firmware”.

Released in 2019, Dog Mode is a climate control feature that maintains a safe temperature inside the vehicle for pets left in the vehicle. To prevent passers-by from playing heroes, a message appears on the car's large central screen that the animal is safe.

Dog mode doesn't work: Tesla owners complain about electric cars

The mode is designed so that you can leave a four-legged one in the car/Freepik photo

Hopefully, this saved more than a few broken windows. However, Dog Modeisn't meant to be an all-day babysitter; If the car's battery drops below 20 percent while the feature is activated, owners will receive a notification.

However, faulty firmware doesn't seem to be a common problem, which makes it even more alarming in a way. . With all that said, there are more than enough owners who experience the same problem with either the Dog mode or the Camp mode or the Maintain Climate feature.

Similarities between these HVAC features is that they maintain the set temperature in the cabin when the car is parked. So, it is the climate control functions at idle that seem to be a bug. Summer is officially here, so until Tesla releases another update, be extra vigilant when traveling with pets.

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