“Does it really end like this?” “: Michelle Rodriguez confides in the end of Fast and Furious 10

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” : Michelle Rodriguez talks about the end of Fast and Furious 10″ />

The 10th opus of Fast and Furious is fast approaching… And Michelle Rodriguez, alias Letty, teased the end of Fast X. It promises!

Fast X comes to theaters on May 17th. The opportunity for fans of the saga to discover the rest of the adventures of Dom, Letty, Roman and the others. After nine opuses placed under high tension, what does this tenth installment of Fast and Furious have in store for us?? It’s in the columns of Collider that Michelle Rodriguez, aka Letty, revealed a little more about this new film, the penultimate of the franchise. The 44-year-old actress says, “A lot of people are going to be amazed! They are going to be very surprised at the end of Fast X. When I saw it I thought: Oh my God, does it really end like this? What do we have do ? ». It already promises some nice surprises

But then, what can we expect in this new part of Fast and Furious? According to the director, Louis Leterrier, “a war is brewing in this film, and it will cause casualties. Fast X is going to be emotional, tears will be flowing. No wonder when you know that Han has made a comeback and that Dominic Torettowill reconnect with her grandmother. (Which we had never heard of before). Revenge, action, cars… everything will come together to spend a moment worthy of the first nine parts. Without counting on the arrival with great fanfare of a new enemy…

Jason Momoa arrives in Fast and Furious!

And this enemy promises to be a formidable opponent ! As a reminder, in Fast 5 released in 2011, Dom and his enemies foiled the plans of Hernan Reyes, drug lord in Brazil. But that was without counting on the arrival of his son Dante, played by Jason Momoa, who intends to take his revenge. Spending ten years concocting a plan to track down and flush out the character portrayed by Vin Diesel. From Los Angeles, to Paris via Rome and London, Fast X will take us on a journey to the heart of the action. But to find out everything, you will have to wait until May 17th!