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Does it make sense to turn off your smartphone at night: a comprehensive answer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Does it make sense to turn off your smartphone at night: a comprehensive answer

There are often disputes between those who turn off their smartphones at night and those who do not. Some are convinced that when the smartphone is turned off, it will work better and stay charged longer. And others are sure that it does not matter at all. By the way, there are programs that really have a bad effect on the device's charge.

One of the arguments of supporters of turning off the phone at night is that then it retains its charge longer. But when we turn off and on the gadget, then we also use up the charge, writes iTech. Therefore, it makes no sense to turn off the device for the whole night. In addition, mobile communication does not require a lot of energy. And to save charge, you can simply activate the flight mode.

It is also a common opinion that if you turn off the phone at night, then its service life will be longer. But when the screen is off on the device, it is in sleep mode. That is, the processor is not overloaded. This also applies to other phone components. Therefore, it is impossible to claim that turning off the phone at night significantly prolongs its operation.

There are those who turn off the phone so that nothing distracts them from sleeping at night. But for this, it is not necessary to immediately turn off the device. It will be enough to turn on the flight mode. Then most functions will be unavailable. By activating this option, you will not receive calls and messages.

Experts advise to reboot the phone once a month. This will free up space on your phone from unnecessary files. But to turn off — there is no sense, because there will be no tangible improvements.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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