Documents supporting the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

Documents supporting the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

In a single day, five different areas of the Ministry of Housing prepared at least 20 legal and technical reports, and memorandums, on which the standard was based which gave a budget for projects such as those in the Cajamarca district, which are now under fiscal investigation. Among the officials there are being investigated for corruption.

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Supporting documents for the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

Geiner Alvarado, when he was the owner of the Ministry of Housing, signed Emergency Decree 102-2021 together with President Pedro Castillo, and then Minister Pedro Francke and Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez. Composition: GEC

Research Unit

A fundamental part of the internal documents of the Ministry of Housing, which were the basis technical and legal aspects of the Emergency Decree 102-2021 –which authorized the financing of works in districts such as Anguía (Chota, Cajamarca) that are now under fiscal investigation–, issued in about 12 hours, on Friday, October 22, 2021, a week before the enactment of the standard.

After reviewing the documentation of the decree, El Comerciofound that on that day, between 7:49 a.m. and 8:02 p.m., at least 20 reports and memorandums were issued, signed by a similar number of officials, who belonged to five different areas of Housing: the National Urban Sanitation Program (PNSU), the National Rural Sanitation Program (PNSR ), the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMIB), the General Office of Planning and Budget and the General Office of Legal Advice.

Al The following day, on Saturday, October 23, the then secretary general of the Ministry of Housing, Francisco Whittembury, sent an official letter to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) formalizing the presentation of the proposed standard. He attached the technical and legal supporting documents for the decree, which authorized the expenditure of S/520 million for 133 projects in different regions of the country.

At that time, the head of the sector was Geiner Alvarado, investigated by the National Prosecutor's Office for being part of the alleged criminal network that operated in Housing, which would be headed by President Pedro Castillo.

Before the prosecution, Alvarado, current Minister of Transport and Communications, stated that the decree originated in a report from the MEF, dated October 12, 2021. However, as this newspaper revealed, there are official documents, messages sent by email and via WhatsApp that contradict that version.

Documents supporting the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

Report sent to Durich Whittembury, General Secretary of Housing, who the next day, on Saturday 23, sent a letter to the MEF to formalize the proposal for the emergency decree.

Alternate Connection

That October 22, between 8:49 a.m. and 4:21 p.m., the National Urban Sanitation Program (PNSU) issued at least eight documents related to Emergency Decree 102-2021, which was published on October 29 with the signatures of President Castillo, the ministers Geiner Alvarado and Pedro Francke (MEF), and the then head of the ministerial cabinet, Mirtha Vásquez.

These are reports and memorandums on budget, legal and administrative aspects that sought to support and make possible the approval of the standard. In this sense, officials from the offices of Territorial Management, Planning and Budget, Administration, Legal Advice, as well as Supply and Patrimonial Control, issued documentation in this regard in about seven hours.

At that time, the PNSU's acting executive director was Norberth Bustamante Mondragón (49 years old), a native of Chiclayo (Lambayeque). He is Engineer graduated from the National University of Cajamarca and obtained a master's degree from the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University, where Geiner Alvarado and his former advisor Salatiel Marrufo also studied.

Bustamante issued two documents, one sent to Jackeline Castañeda, director general in charge of the Ministry's Planning and Budget Office; and another to himself, since he kept his position as “responsible for the Territorial Management Unit [of the PNSU]”.

A few weeks later, on December 1, 2021, Bustamante was intervened along with other officials by the anti-corruption prosecutor's office, during a megaoperation carried out by the case of the criminal network Los Gestores, which included the raid on the offices of Housing and the MEF. According to the investigations, officials of these entities supposedly charged mayors and regional governors 5% of the amount of public works projects that were approved.

In the official report, accessed by El Comercio, it appears that Bustamante is being investigated for influence peddling. In that case, initiated by the First Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in 2018, he has the status of “accused”.

The official was removed from his charge on December 4. He had been appointed in 2017.

Support documents of the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

Another of the reports sent, on Friday, October 22, to Jackeline Castañeda, then in charge of the General Office of Planning and Budget of the Housing sector.


In the National Rural Sanitation Program (PNSR) Five technical and legal documents were issued that are part of the emergency decree file. The first report was submitted at 7:49 a.m. and the last one at 4:39 p.m. on October 22.

Officials from the Offices of Projects, Territorial Management, Budget, Legal Advice and the Executive Directorate participated in this ministerial body. They focused on sustaining the additional budget demand “charged to contingency reserve resources” to finance water and sanitation service works corresponding to their area.

Between August 2021 and March of this year, the executive director of the PNSR was engineer José Kobashikawa, 43, who continues in Housing as head of the PNSU.

According to information obtained by this newspaper, Kobashikawa registers two open investigations in anti-corruption prosecutors in Lima and Loreto. In the capital, the case is from this year and is being investigated for incompatible negotiation and concussion. In the Amazon region, this is an investigation that began in 2020.

Meanwhile, the General Office of Legal Counsel, the General Office of Planning and Budget and the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMIB), together, issued seven reports and memorandums on the decree, between 5:12 p.m. and 8:02 p.m.

At that time, Fernando Alarcón Díaz, as general director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Housing, sent his legal opinion to the general secretariat of the entity on the draft decree, which he considered “viable”. In November, he resigned from the post.

Alarcón is being investigated by the First Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Lima for open cases in 2018 and 2020, for the crimes of incompatible negotiation, collusion and asset fraud to the State. Also, in Ucayali, he was under prosecutorial investigation since 2015 for corruption.

Documents supporting the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

Report sent to Norberth Bustamante as director (e) of the National Urban Sanitation Program.

Meanwhile, the then general director of Planning and Budget of the ministry, Jackeline Castañeda, issued her “favourable opinion” on the project of the norm. She then was an advisor to Minister Alvarado, until October 4.

Castañeda, born in Cajamarca, was one of the officials who participated in an irregular meeting in an apartment in Surquillo, where the businessmen Alejandro Sánchez and Abel Cabrera, and the mayor José Medina, friends of President Castillo, were present. . Former Deputy Minister Elizabeth Añaños denounced that Marrufo, when he was an adviser to Minister Alvarado, told them to go to his home to give a technical presentation.

Furthermore, In his capacity as head of the PMIB, Ernesto Mosqueira forwarded the pronouncement in favor of the “financial transfer to various local governments”, in relation to the decree, in a report sent to the then Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Rodolfo Santa María.

Mosqueira left Housing in April . At the end of May, he was appointed deputy executive director of the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes.

Suspicious speed

In dialogue with this newspaper, former Vice Minister Fabiola Caballero, with experience in public management, considered that the haste with which technical documents were issued for the emergency decree is an indication of possible irregularity.

“It is a process of several days. That is why it is unheard of that in a single day the issuance of reports from all the offices and directorates of competent areas has coincided, in addition to the respective approvals”, declared the economist.

Documents supporting the emergency decree that authorized works in Anguía were issued in just 12 hours

1 National Urban Sanitation Program ( PNSU)

Document sent by: Norberth Bustamante Mondragón

Position: Head of the Territorial Management Unit

Time: 8:49 am

Document sent by: Gerardo Rodríguez Negrón

Position: Budget Coordinator

Time: 9:24

Document sent by: Roberto Pedreschi Plasencia

Position: Head of the Planning and Budget Unit

Time: 9:34

Document sent by: Raúl Sánchez Candela

Position: Coordinator of the Asset Supply and Control Area

Time: 9:35

Document sent by: Armando Carpio Calderón< /strong>

Position: Head of the Administration Unit

Time: 9:40

Document sent by: Miryam Bejarano Cabrejos

Position: Lawyer of the Legal Advice Unit

Time: 14:17

Document: Rafael Urbano Malásquez

Position: Head of the Legal Advice Unit

Time: 16:00

Document: Norberth Bustamante Mondragón

Position: Executive Director (e)

Time: 16:21

< /p>2National Rural Sanitation Program (PNSR)

Document sent by: Tirza Ponce Barnett

Position: Project monitoring

Time: 7:49 am

Document sent by: Segundo Urteaga Díaz

Position: Head of unit (s ) of the Territorial Management Technical Unit

Time: 8:48

Document sent by: Giancarlos Collazos Iberico

Position: Budget Analyst of the Budget Area 

Time: 9:28

Document sent by: Roy Bravo Chávez 

Position: Unit Chief of the Legal Advice Unit

Time: 4:00 p.m. :19

Document sent by: José Kobashikawa Maekawa

Position: Executive Director

Time: 16:39

3Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMIB)

Document sent by: Pamela Ochoa Ravelo

Position: Responsible (and) Monitoring and Monitoring Unit

Time: 17:12

Document sent by: Giancarlo Galliani Matos

Position: Head of the Planning, Budget and Administration Unit

Time: 17:56

Document sent by: Joel Miranda Rivasplata

Position: Responsible (e) of the Legal Advice Unit

Time: 18:08

Document sent by: Ernesto Mosqueira Medina

Position: Executive Director

Time: 18:35

4General Planning and Budget Office

Document sent by: Celia Mejía Zuloeta

Position: Director of the Budget Office

Time: 19:12

Document sent by: Jackeline Castañeda del Castillo

Position: General Director (and ) 

Time: 19:42

5General Office of Legal Advice

Document sent by: Fernando Alarcón Díaz

Position: General Director

Time: 20:02

*Time is recorded in 24-hour format.

Involved visits in criminal network

On Monday, September 6, 2021, when the Housing sector had already obtained from the Ministry of Economy and Finance the approval of the budget of S/500 million for the works of the Emergency Decree 102-2021, the alleged figurehead Hugo Espino entered the headquarters of the entity for a “work meeting” with Minister Alvarado, according to the visit log. The friend of the investigated Yenifer Paredes entered the building at 8 a.m., along with three other people, and left minutes before 10 a.m. The names of Espino and his companions were noted down as representatives of the “Carabayllo Torre Blanca” project.

As long as , Mayor José Medina, held preventively —as the sister of the first lady— registers four admissions to the facilities of the ministerial entity during Geiner Alvarado's administration, between January and April of this year. One of his meetings was with Salatiel Marrufo, then head of Alvarado's cabinet of advisers. Marrufo had been an external adviser to the mayor of Anguía, as reported by this newspaper.