Doctors have warned of the dangers of vitamin D for children during the quarantine

Unauthorized “appointment of” parents of vitamin D to their children during quarantine because of the coronavirus may have unpleasant consequences for health. Doctors urged not to give Teens a substance “by eye”, because the effect can be unpredictable.

Врачи предупредили об опасности витамина D для детей во время карантина

Usually vitamin D is from sunlight, but due to the isolation of the regime more time to be spent at home. Many parents are concerned about the health of children, giving them substance in the form of supplements, but without proper advice of a physician practice can do more harm than good. Therapist Artem Manushkin pointed out that in preparations of water-based in composition a benzyl alcohol, a toxic substance that can provoke real poisoning. A study of European scientists has confirmed that the alcohol adversely affects infants, causing “shortness of breath syndrome”, which threatens a fatal outcome. Taking it also leads to increased anxiety, cardiovascular insufficiency, etc., reports “MK”.

When symptoms of SARS vitamin D is also better not to take, as indicated by scientists from the U.S., noting that benzyl alcohol increases the level of one of the interleukins. Vitamins to give to children, but only when assessing the picture of their health that they are able to make a doctor. Before using any drugs it is better to take the tests.

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