Doctors have listed the advantages of cold and hot shower

Foreign doctors presented the advantages of cold and hot shower. In particular, in the latter case, the best skin cleansing.

Медики перечислили преимущества холодного и горячего душа

As explained by experts, many people have daily habit in the summer is it cold shower. Among its advantages: acceleration of metabolism, stimulation of the immune system, which is especially important at the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide, decrease stress levels, problem solving with the swelling. Individuals who elect such a procedure, rarely suffer from colds, can boast the best condition of the skin by increasing its elasticity. Hardening also has a direct relationship to self-discipline that allows a person to transfer character to other spheres of life. In the same list of advantages of improving the main body of the Central system and energy.

As for the hot shower, it is equally important for the body benefits. For example, after a hard day procedure allows you to say goodbye to fatigue. In addition, there is deliverance from headaches. Muscle relaxation thus contributes to the rapid falling asleep and comfortable state. If there is nasal congestion, then after a shower the symptoms are minimized, thus dare more serious respiratory problems. If the duration of action is less than five minutes. Among other advantages: a better cleansing of the skin due to opening of the pores.

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