Doctors have found out for whom vitamin D supplements are most useful

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Doctors have found out who benefits from vitamin D supplements

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Scientists at Harvard Medical School have found that vitamin D can be processed differently in the body in normal and overweight people. The study was published in JAMA Network Open.

Doctors analyzed data from 16,000 people over 50 who provided blood samples at the start of the study and nearly 3,000 people who were tested two years later.< /p>

Half were taking tablets containing 2,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day, which is five times the recommended daily allowance of 400 IU per day set by US health authorities.


Scientists measured levels of total and free vitamin D in participants, as well as vitamin D-binding protein and calcium.

Vitamin D supplementation increased levels of most vitamin D metabolites in people with  ;any weight, but this effect was much stronger in people with BMI less than 25.

Most research on vitamin D has focused on total blood vitamin levels. The scientists' results may explain why vitamin D supplements offer minimal benefit for people with a high BMI, but reduce the risk of death from cancer and autoimmune disease by 30-40% in people with a lower BMI.< /p>

Scientists have not considered the mechanisms of the association they found, but suggest that vitamin D may accumulate in adipose tissue instead of being metabolized, or people with a high BMI have poorer receptors for it.


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